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Accessibility is and has been a requirement of all content hosted on e-Bility since its inception in 1998. Our aim is an inclusive, usable and friendly website, with a simple interface that is easy to navigate and helps people find the information they are looking for. Wherever possible, we have tried to make decisions about design and behaviour that best address a broad range of individual needs.

Keyboard access and shortcuts

The e-bility.com website supports keyboard interaction as well as other input devices such as speech. Keyboard shortcuts include:

Technical information

Markup is in standards compliant semantic HTML code, using XHTML 1.0 Strict, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and server side scripting (PHP). A small amount of Javascript has also been used to detect the computers screen resolution, allowing the web site formatting to be optimised for viewing at 800 x 600 pixels. However, the web site is still fully accessible if you prefer to have Javascript turned off.

Font sizes are relative and will appear larger or smaller depending on the user's personal preferences. These preferences can be adjusted by using the browser Zoom or changing your browser accessibility options.

Page layout and source order

A consistent page structure is maintained across all content on e-bility's web site. Each page is formatted using a standard design template that divides information into logical groups. The source order of information from top of page is:

  1. Level one heading
  2. Logo
  3. Skip links (providing quick access to the start of the main content, site map and accessibility information
  4. Search
  5. Global navigation (links to the 3 main top level areas on the web site)
  6. "You are here" links (provide orientation to your current location within the site structure via the most direct path from the home page)
  7. Section navigation (includes links to other related pages in the same section
  8. Main content (usually begins with a second level heading)
  9. Footer (legal and contact links, and page details eg date last updated)

Orientation information

There are 3 main content areas on e-Bility.com, with content grouped into sub sections beneath each. The top level categories are:

  1. Services and products (includes disability service providers and suppliers)
  2. Access travel (includes anything to do with accessible travel)
  3. Resources (a community area for sharing information and ideas)

Please refer to the e-Bility site map for a more comprehensive overview of the site architecture

File formats

Where more than one file format is available, the most universal formats are given first (eg RTF/DOC followed by PDF).

Internet content rating

The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) is an international, independent organisation that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of the open and objective labelling of content.

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Footer information

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