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November 2005

Accessible housing strategy


Skillnet Group, Kent UK
Thanks to Change for the pictures

Planning housing and support with people who have a learning disability

There are about 34,000 people with a learning disability in Kent. 26,000 of these people are adults.

Map of Kent

Welcome mat at front door

Where do people with a learning disability live at the moment?
The housing plan

Group of people with learning disabilities carrying banner 'Nothing about us without us' People choosing a home

Valuing People said that Learning Disability Partnership Boards should have local plans for learning disabled people by 2003.

This is to make sure that people have more choice and control over where and how they live.

Sharing ideas about housing options and preferences

Housing and Social Services have worked together on the Kent plan. They asked lots of people for their views. This includes:

The Plan is for three years and will be updated each year

There are 5 main ideas in the housing plan:

people making choices


Looking at housing information      Asking questions about housing options


people with different disabilities      Support services assist inmaking decisions about housing needs

Housing standards accessibility checklist


Roundtable meeting

Partnerships - working together

The plan will work better if we all work together. That includes:

Funding income

Money for housing and support can come from
What else does the plan say?

Rights of people with disabilities      Ramp access      Positive outcomes: Saying goodbye to a visitor at the front door

About this article

The Skillnet Group has written this easy to read, accessible report about accessible housing. At the moment there is not enough supported housing available for people with learning disabilities. Skillnet believe that people with learning disabilities have a right to choose where they want to live and the support that they need.

This report outlines the needs and requirements of people with learning disabilities and uses Kent as an example. If you have any questions or would like more details please email or visit the Skillnet website.

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