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African safari trip

by Heather Manktelow
Occupational Therapist

We flew out to South Africa
In September 2005,
To go out on safari
To seek out 'The Big 5'.

We had a fantastic holiday
In the Kruger National Park,
Looking out for animals
Even in the dark.

We toured with 'Epic Enabled',
Alfie was the main man.
For any unforeseen situation,
Alfie made a plan.

He specialises in safari trips
To empower the disabled,
Helping people to push the boundaries
And become more enabled.

Helping in the office
Was Alfie's wife Sabine.
Although we didn't meet her
She was the 'E-mail Queen'.

'Impi' was our tour bus,
The Zulu word for Warrior,
With massive open windows
So we could feel 'at one with nature'.

Alfie was our driver,
He also cooked with flair.
We were all very lucky
To have this tour guide extraordinaire.

J.B. was his helper
Collecting luggage, washing-up,
Helping push the wheelchairs,
And putting squash in Christa's cup.

Heather was Christa's carer,
In quiet moments they played games.
Though Christa's the one with memory loss,
It was Heather mixing up peoples' names!!

Rene was from Holland
Trying hard to get a tan.
With 4 tumbles from his wheelchair,
We called him 'The Flying Dutchman'!

Poor Sophie broke her sunglasses,
Having already lost her passport,
No wonder that at every stop
A 'Bacardi Breezer' she sought!

Young Hazel was a sweetheart,
Always cheery and bright.
Often looking out for things
That might crawl over her at night!

Julian was like our father,
He really was a hoot.
Pat had a digital camera
That made a noise like a little flute.

We headed out armed with cameras,
Dawn and dusk were best.
We were greatly rewarded
In our animal quest.

Lions, elephants, giraffes,
Leopard, cheetah, rhinos,
Zebras, impalas, monkeys,
Hyenas, warthogs, hippos.

Impressive herds of buffalo,
Crocodiles, wildebeasts, kudu,
Jackal, serval, vultures,
To name just a few.

What a fantastic opportunity
For everyone concerned.
We have some great photos,
And lots of facts we've learned.

Sadly our trip came to a close
And home we had to go.
We'll recommend this tour to others
Our photos we will show.

Just because you are disabled,
It doesn't mean you have to lose
Your sense of adventure
When a holiday you choose.

Epic Enabled did us proud,
Adaptive equipment they provided,
To help our wildest dreams come true,
In their safe hands we were guided.

We'd like to come again someday,
In the meantime we must save,
And plan the next instalment
Of the adventure that we crave.

Published: April 2006

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