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July 2003

China bike ride in a wheelchair

By Peter Anderson.

My name is Peter Anderson. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have retired from some 20 years in Information Technology due to disability brought on by Multiple Sclerosis.

I have always kept busy with time involved in my work, personal development, school councils, Lions International and raising three children (and all the associated drama). I miss lots of things as a result of my life changing significantly, so have been searching for a new challenge.

Photos showing rice paddy fields and an old cart.

Recently, a friend and I came up with a project that hopefully will keep me busy for some time to come. I have decided to participate with two friends, in a Ride Through China. The ride is a slightly modified MS Challenge - instead of riding on bikes we will be using wheelchairs.

Ride Through China wheelchair team (left to right) Andrew, Daniel and Peter.

The ultimate adventure!

The challenge is set for 1-13 November 2003. Amongst the bike riders will be three Aussie Chariot Riders: myself and two friends, Andrew Drendel and Daniel Alvarez.

Arriving in Hong Kong we will be wheeling our way through the famous Pearl River Delta to Zhaoqing then onto the agricultural areas of Deqing, the sleepy villages of Wuzhou, Taiping, Mengshan, Yangshou’s famous limestone mountain range, and finally Guilin where a celebratory dinner will be held. Rides vary from 55 km to 100 km per day. We will have the opportunity to see parts of China that many tourists don’t see, while raising money for the MS Society.

Why? Because I have to, Daniel needs to in order to cover the distance, and Andrew wants to.

The question it seemed to me, was "why could't a wheelchair user participate in the challenge".

Well, anyone who knows me, knows full well that I am stubborn and "driven". I thought why not? Given that my abilities are vastly different to what they used to be, I feel as though if I don't do it now, I may never get the chance again. Besides, it is a great cause! The Mystery Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, has no known cause and no known cure. Damn horrible. It takes me all my time to stay positive and to deal with each day, and every penny donated goes directly to a great cause.

Peter Anderson.

What's my story?

I spend days when I am at home, updating my website MS Web People and studying in order to make it better and to keep an active learning schedule. When not at home, I am usually at the MS Nerve Centre doing something. I have plugged into the MS Society for the second time. This time, I am an MS Ambassador and a public relations volunteer. I also spent 5 weeks "baby sitting" the MS Australia website and I am a member of a number of "MS groups". I was also asked to assist in the creation of a video on the Lifestyle Planning Unit where I was interviewed and filmed. (all great fun). I can honestly say that the outcomes of dealing with the Nerve Centre have changed my life - for the better.

I have taught myself HTML as best I can and enjoy using the Internet to study and learn more about what can be achieved. The Bike Ride Through China is a fund raising exercise, for what I consider a very worthy cause. Given that I can attest that the MS Society really does great work, and seems to understand MS (as best they can).

I love technolgy, enjoy learning and find it relatively easy, so spend lots of time "tinkering" on the Internet.

I have built a collection of MS Links that cover what I think are the best of the best and enjoy hearing positive comments from people all over the world.

I aspire to success, which for me means, something useful to do, having someone to love, financial freedom and the continuing ability to deal with MS and its various surprises.

My tip is to stay busy and active, keep your mind on positive things - it really helps.

Editor's note

In order to participate in the Ride Through China, Peter needs to raise AU$5,500. He is well on the way but is still interested to hear from anyone who may be interested in offering support. To find out more, Peter can be contact by email at

Peter is an experienced and popular motivational speaker. He will also be emailing regular updates once the trip is underway - so drop by again in November to find out how the challenge is progressing.

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