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Accommodation and housing

Accessible housing strategy

by Skillnet Group

There is not enough supported housing available for people with learning disabilities. Skillnet also believe that people with learning disabilities have a right to choose where they want to live and the support they need. This report proposes an accessible housing strategy, using Kent as an example. Published: November 2005

Moving on

by Jenny Sanders

Transitional accommodation services offer help to people who want to make a change in their living arrangements from a situation where they have to rely on support from other people to a situation where they can rely more on themselves.Three people who have participated in Northcott's Housing Links program tell their stories. Published: February 2005

Adaptable, Accessible or Adjustable?

by Jane Bringolf

Around Australia, many local councils demand that developers include a certain quota of accessible and adaptable homes within the development site. However, construction industry personnel sometimes confuse "accessible" and "adaptable", and when confronted with "adjustable" components within a home, the three "A" words become further confused. This article explains the difference. Published: August 2004

Providing steps towards independence

by Merrylands Independent Living

The goal of living a more independent life is becoming a reality for young adults with physical disabilities participating in the Merrylands Independent Living program. Two Merrylands' residents tell their stories and include a personal goals checklist for people considering living alone for the first time. Published: December 2000

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