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Changing Paces: The business beyond chronic illness

by Trish Robichaud

Trish Robichaud, life coach, discusses her journey with chronic illness and disability from employment to unemployment and then finally to self-employment. Published: February 2006

Nursing students with disabilities

by Donna Maheady

In December of her junior year of nursing school, Christine was in a car accident that left her a T-four paraplegic. When she got out of the hospital she returned to her nursing school, one year later, to complete her last semester. In this article she talks about her experiences as a student nurse with disabilities and what it was like working with patients. Published: June 2004

Overcoming your challenges

by Robert Ward

The author talks about his personal experiences finding a job as someone with a learning disability and gives suggestions for others in a similar situation. Published: May 2004

English tutoring via email

by Jan Reilly

Since her illness Jan has been working from home and recently started offering an email tutoring service for students who could not get to her home. Although it was easy to become discouraged by the difficulties of being isolated and ill, planning her new venture was engrossing will hopefully will be financially successful as well. Published: June 2001

Employers making a difference

by John Little

A unique Australian concept in developing jobs for people with disabilities. Published: January 2001

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