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Dylan finds Paradise!

by Dylan Redd

Following recovery from a spinal cord injury and subsequent surgery, Dylan took up flying in the Paradise Light Sport Aircraft that has been modified with custom hand controls for pilots with spinal cord injuries. Published: March 2009

Wheelchair accessible hiking

by Chris Trzcinski

Looking for something to do this weekend? Need a change of pace? Want to recharge your batteries without breaking the bank? Then it's time for you to hit the trails! The walking or hiking trail that is. Published: February 2008

Wheelchair basketball with 'sporting wheelies'

by Gia Vaiaso

Wheelchair Basketball is a spectacular team sport modelled on the able-bodied game of basketball. It is the fastest growing sport for athletes with a disability and has had great success at the Paralympic Games. In Australia, and internationally, there are programs catering for members who want to have fun, socialise and learn new skills as well as elite athletes who wish to play competitively. Published: August 2007

Integration through playing

by Sarah Schulz

Every Friday the staff of the Disability Community Centre (DCC) in Kenya heads off to attend an Integrated Play Group. Through these outdoor groups children with disability have an opportunity to enjoy play experiences that encourage social interaction, communication, play and imagination and simply have fun and make friends. Published: July 2007

Sit ski weekend in the snow

by Gillean Hilton

Enthusiasm, fun and a sense of adventure are the recollections of an AQA Victoria skiing weekend, enjoyed by five first time sit skiers with recent spinal cord injuries. Published: August 2005

Targa Tasmania 2007 Car Rally

by Nazim Erdem

In 2006 Naz and Alan formed the first team with disabilities to enter and compete in the Targa Tasmania, an exciting International Classic Rally Drive held annually in and around the picturesque roads and landscape of Tasmania. In 2007 they take up the challenge for a second time to show others that having a disability is not the end, "We can and do get on with our lives". Published: August 2005

Ski Able water skiing tournament

by Alison Smith

The focus of Ski Able is the water skiing tournament for people with disability, including physical disabilities or vision impairment. Published: August 2005

Healthy, happy kids: A child at play will stay at play

by Heather Scrivner-Mediate

The positive play experiences we create during childhood allow us to participate in and enjoy the benefits of play for a lifetime. Published: January 2005

Mobility Cup: International regatta for sailors with disabilities

by Matthew Wild

An international regatta for people with disabilities will be sailing into Halifax, Nova Scotia next year. First hosted in 1991, this annual event is North America's flagship for sailors with disabilities. Published: December 2004

Wheelchair Trail Ride 2006

by Extreme Chairing

An annual wheelchair event held by Extreme Chairing in the USA. The ride spans 40 miles of forest trails and takes around 2 days to complete in a power wheelchair. Published: October 2004

Historic wheelchair skateboarding backflip

by Gene Emmer

Aaron Fotheringham is one of a small, but growing group of elite wheelchair athletes who have taken up the challenge of wheelchair skateboarding. He recently became the first known person ever to do a backflip in a wheelchair. Published: September 2004

Boccia? Its FUN!

by Maree Ireland

Boccia is a modified version of the Italian lawn bowls game Bocce. The game made its debut as a medal sport in the Paralympic Games in the 1992 and its popularity has now spread worldwide, especially amongst athletes with cerebral palsy where competitions are taken very seriously. Published: July 2003

Hanging in, hanging on - Sidecar motorcycle racing

by Judith Geppert

Judith loves adventure, so when the opportunity to trade her wheelchair for sidecar motorcycle racing presented itself she didn't hesitate. This article is not for the faint hearted. Judith takes you speeding around Sydney's Oran Park Raceway circuit in the ride of her life! Published: November 2002

Louise Sauvage - My story

by Ian Heads

Born with a spinal condition that limited the function in the lower half of her body, Louise says she has never thought of herself as being different or disadvantaged. "I'm just me - the way I am". Throughout her youth if people said she couldn't do something she would be determined to do it. In telling her story, Louise reveals for the first time the battle she fought with illness and injury as she carried the expectations of an entire nation at the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics. Published: August 2002

High flyers - People with disabilities take to the air

by Elizabeth Apps

The Polo Flat Airfield on the outskirts of Cooma NSW, was the main centre of aviation for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. Today the Airfield offers flying lessons for people with disabilities, as well as accessible holiday accommodation. Find out more about the excitement and lift (no pun intended) that flying can give you, from people who have already completed the training course. Published: April 2002

Sailing ... Ahoy there! Look! No hands!

by Judith Geppert

You can't do that! You might hurt yourself, or even drown. Of course all boats sink. Just look at what happened to the Titanic even that sank. These were just a few of the comments that people made when Judith, who has cerebral palsy, decided to take up sailing. Instead Judith went on to participate in the National Access Dinghy Championships, at which she was awarded the silver medal presented by the Governor General. Published: March 2002

In our garden

by Alison Marshall

A horticultural therapy program for hospitalised adolescents. Published: October 2001

The sky is the limit!

by Judith Geppert

Over the last 50 years Judith has achieved many changes in the community by making organisations and community groups aware of the abilities of people with disabilities. In 1995 just before her 44th birthday, she achieved yet another of her goals, and went tandem skydiving. This is her story. Published: May 2001

Leisure buddies - A fun and different way to make new friends

by Helen Calandro

Adults with an intellectual disability are making new friends and trying a variety of leisure activities under a new project being run by Melbourne based community organisation Gawith Villa. Launched in October 1998, the volunteer scheme is giving people the opportunity to develop real friendships and get more involved in their local community. Published: April 2001

Designing learning environments for all children

by Kate Bishop

Kate designs and builds play equipment and play environments for children of all abilities. She believes two principal characteristics are essential: variety and richness. Opportunities exist in all environments to use these features to create atmosphere, provide information, entertainment, education and reward at levels, suitable for all children and all budgets. Find out how … Published: September 2000

Meet our Paralympians: Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games

by Margaret McDonald

Our athletes are training hard in the lead up to the Paralympic Games in Sydney, where they will be competing before a home crowd. Here are a few of their stories, achievements and aspirations as they prepare for the big event. Published: January 2000

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