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Accessible travel stories

Monarto Zoo visit

by Robyn Perham

Robyn is an avid wheelchair traveller and accessibility champion. This article on her recent visit to the Monarto Zoo was part of an eight day holiday enroute to Adelaide, South Australia. Published: March 2010

Solo Travel with a Disability

by Scott Rains

Scott Rains shares his unique insights on traveling solo with a disability. Published: January 2010

African beats: Wheelchair adventure holiday in South-West Uganda

by Lieke Scheewe

Last year Lieke, aged 21, set out from Holland to explore Uganda, an adventure she describes as "not easily accessible with the wheelchair, but definitely worth every single bump and hurdle". She shares her memorable journey, sprinkled with tips and tricks on how to make your stay in Uganda most enjoyable. Published: July 2009

Have Wheelchair Will Travel - Part 2 England to USA

by Donna Goodacre

The continuing travel diary of an around-the-world wheelchair accessible family holiday, including New York, California and Mexico Published: August 2007

Wheelchair adventure travel and kayaking in Glacier Bay Alaska

by Scott Rains

All travel is adventure travel when you have a disability ... dangling there over the 34 degree Fahrenheit water of Glacier Bay Alaska, I was on my way down to the tandem kayak ... over the coming five days exploring this ecosystem created by the world's fastest-retreating glacier the Hugger (hoist) was to become as familiar a freedom machine as my wheelchair. Published: June 2006

Samburu Safari - Kenya

by Gordon Rattray

Gordon's motto is that "true experience begins when we break out of our routines". An avid wheelchair traveller, Kenya is his most recent trip and also included time to explore Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve and Mombasa. Published: January 2006

Have wheelchair will travel

by Donna Goodacre

We are a family of four. Richie, our son, has cerebral palsy which restricts his mobility. In Christmas 2006 we set of on the "trip of a lifetime" and travelled around the world for five weeks. This article (part 1 of our trip) may help other people in wheelchairs who are thinking of embarking on a trip such as ours, and would like some first-hand stories and advice. Of course the main piece of advice I can offer is "do it!" Published: January 2006

Becoming a destination of choice for travelers with disability

by Scott Rains

A report written for the Prayaville School for the Disabled in Thailand resulting from observations of the Inclusive Tourism potential of Prayaville while the author was a guest of the school during October 2007. Scott Rains is a researcher and highly respected consultant on Universal Design and accessible tourism. His report identifies the steps and process involved in becoming a "destination of choice" for travellers with disability. Published: January 2006

A travel trend on the horizon

by Scott Rains

In the past year, as business gave voice to the dream that travel would be barrier-free, it set in motion a trend towards universal design - a renaissance of design that benefits all travels. Published: December 2005

Inclusive tourism: A new strategic alliance for the disability rights movement

by Scott Rains

This article on Universal Design in accessible travel was presented at the International Conference on Accessible Tourism - ICAT 2007. Published: December 2005

A taste of travel in Tasmania

by Greg Killeen

A travel diary of the author's trip to Tasmania, including comments on disability wheelchair access to Tasmania's many accessible tourist attractions as well as accessibility of the Spirit of Tasmania cruise and web resources. Published: October 2005

A weekend in Walhalla

by Mal Noble

Recently after reading a Getaway segment in the Sunday Age on Walhalla's Star Hotel and it's attractions, including the fact it had a wheelchair accessible suite, my wife Lesley and I headed off for a quiet couple of days at Walhalla. Published: August 2005

Swimming with the dolphins

by Robyn Perham

We were soon noticed by the resident dolphin and he made us his audience as he sailed by, having a good look at us on his way past. He seemed to get excited when we waved and clapped his every movement, and came back time and again, jumping and splashing, ostensibly in an effort just to impress us. Published: August 2005

In Ethiopia with a wheelchair

by Gordon Rattray

Gordon Rattray, of Able Travel fame, tells of his travel adventures in northern Ethiopia, attempting to get to the legendary Blue Nile Falls. Published: May 2005

Tree top walks

by AQA Victoria

Two access travel reports from members of AQA Victoria, who explored the Australian rainforest canopies of Victoria's Otway Fly and Tasmania's Tahune Airwalk. Published: May 2005

Before you go: Accessible travel tips

by Bruce Mumford

It is important for anyone to get organized for a trip overseas, but when you have got a disability it's essential! Published: April 2005

Cruising the High Seas!

by Greg Killeen

Greg Killeen discusses wheelchair access and shares his holiday experiences cruising from Sydney to Noumea onboard the P & 0 Pacific Sky. Published: January 2005

Holidaying in Western Australia in my wheelchair

by Robyn Perham

Part two of Robyn's holiday in Western Australia, where she spends three weeks travel down to the south and back, arriving in Perth for the Red Hat parade. Published: January 2005

To Western Australia on the Indian Pacific with my wheelchair!

by Robyn Perham

Wheelchair accessible travel diary - Aussie adventures and access onboard the Indian Pacific train to Western Australia. Published: December 2004

Accessible tourism in Argentina

by Adriana Pereyra

Although, Argentina is not fully accessible, there are plenty of places and activities that can be visited and enjoyed without worrying about accessibility. Adriana from Latitud Sur Accesible describes three possible trips. Published: July 2004

Gravity Discovery Centre

by Mark Randell

Universally accessible, including Australia's largest public wheelchair accessible telescope, this amazing new complex brings physical science and the universe alive. Published: July 2004

Travelling with a disability: New Zealand

by Bruce Mumford

There are many reasons why tourists with a disability should travel to New Zealand. Bruce Mumford has multiple sclerosis. He recounts his travels in New Zealand and talks about the accessibility of places he visited. Published: June 2004

Travelling with a disability: Europe

by Bruce Mumford

The first in a series of articles about access travel, with tips for people with a disability holidaying in Europe, including accessible accommodation, accessible toilets, getting there and getting around. Published: June 2004

Of wheelchairs and whale watching in Monterey Bay, California, USA

by Scott Rains

Scott Rains is a Resident Scholar at the Center for Cultural Studies, specialising in inclusive travel at the University of California in Santa Cruz, USA. His recent article on whale watching discusses accessibility onboard the cruise boat and local surrounds. While he highly recommends whale watching, he concludes it is for the faint hearted! Published: May 2004

African safari trip

by Heather Manktelow

A poem about the 'holiday of a lifetime' on safari in Africa's Kruger National Park. The wheelchair accessible, overland camping and adventure safari in Southern Africa included people with physical disabilities. Published: April 2004

Central Australia adventure

by Michele Castagna

This article, written by a local who is also a wheelchair user, offers a wealth of practical experience and contacts for people interested in exploring the heartland of Australia, including accessible accommodation, sightseeing and touring. Published: March 2004

South Pole expedition

by Sue McGrath

History has been written ... Michael McGrath's quest to conquer both poles has been realised following a successful expedition to the South Pole, making him the first person with a disability in the world to achieve this feat. Published: February 2004

Thailand holiday adventure

by Judith Geppert

Judith shares her holiday experiences in Thailand, riding elephants, visiting temples, patting wild tigers, jet skiing, rafting and many more adventures. She had such a wonderful time she is already planning a return trip. Published: February 2004

Travelling with a disability

by Scott Rains

'Vacation' is a magic word. Use it in a conversation and people are likely to be momentarily spirited off to their private bit of paradise. But even Harry Potter puts in long hours of preparation to work his magic. So, what's the magic formula for conjuring up a charmed vacation? Read about the six 'knows' of travelling with a disability. Published: January 2004

Pacific cruise heaven on Superstar Leo

by Colin Johanson

Colin and his wife escaped on a 10 night cruise of the Pacific Islands. As a C6 quadriplegic Colin reports that it was the most relaxing holiday and he would recommend it to anyone, especially those who use a wheelchair (both manual and electric). Published: January 2004

North Pole expedition - Michael's mission possible!

by Sue McGrath

You certainly can't call Michael McGrath a sedentary sort of chap! In fact, for his latest adventure that pushes the boundaries in support of people's ability, not their disability, he's gone all the way to the North Pole. Published: October 2003

Magical India

by Sue Willis

Last year Sue Willis and her daughter Joanna journeyed from Sydney, Australia to Kottakkal, Kerala India to experience the wonders of Ayurvedic medicine. Their trip was not without a few surprises. Published: September 2003

China bike ride in a wheelchair

by Peter Anderson

When Peter Anderson heard that the MS Society was organising a Ride Through China for cycling enthusiasts, to help raise funds for what he considered a very important cause, he thought 'why could't a wheelchair user also participate in the challenge?'. Find out more and follow the journey of three Aussie Chariot Riders who have MS. Published: July 2003

Roatan dive trip - Bay Island Beach Resort

by Patrick Tonsing

Whether you are a dive enthusiast or not you will enjoy this article about the Bay Island Beach Resort in Honduras. Maybe you'll even decide to take up scuba diving yourself. Published: July 2003

My trip to Noosa

by Andrea Holliday

Andrea reports that her holiday to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast was a pleasant, relaxing and accessible experience. Hastings Street is a dream to get around and local attractions, such as Eumundi Markets, Underwater World, Noosa National Park, restaurants and the Noosa Cinema all cater well for wheelchair access. Published: March 2003

Accessible tram ride

by Meredith Wallace

On a cold wet Friday, two intrepid AQA members set out to road test the new low floor trams which run on route 109 (Port Melbourne to Box Hill). The Citadis 300, designed in France, is advertised as "one of the most advanced trams in the world" with a low floor, wide doors and space on board for wheelchairs.  Information about access and service, as well as superstops and lightrail section stops can be read in this report. Published: November 2002

Judith's Harbour Bridge Climb - Dreams do come true!

by Judith Geppert

This is Judith's story about her goal to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Judith has cerebral palsy, however "has never let this prevent her from enjoying life to the fullest". Published: November 2002

Southern Africa - An adventure in living

by Karen Krimberg

So, you ask me to tell you of my African adventure and why I saw everything with such new eyes? And you think I will only tell you about the lion, the giraffe, the leopard and the elephant. Yet, no other continent sings its being as well as Africa does. Nowhere else does a camp fire come so to life, or your soul fly so free. I will tell you also, that I was in a place where my crutches did not impede my being able to touch a cheetah. That I stroked him until he purred ... in that moment, I heard my own song, felt my own heart lift and laughed the laughter I left behind in childhood. Published: June 2002

Space Camp 2001 - for students who are blind or vision impaired

by Deb Lewis

"I was excited before but now I am past excitement!" This conveys the sense of anticipation experienced by seven school students who travelled from Australia to attend a two week Space Camp in the United States, held especially for students who are blind or vision impaired. During the week students participated in many exercises including team building sessions, weightlessness and communication training. The final six-hour mission was the highlight! Published: February 2002

In my wheelchair and travelling across Queensland

by Robyn Gobert

Access consultant Robyn Gobert takes the reader on a wheelchair tour of Queensland - raising awareness about accessibility while enjoying the thrills of travelling. Asked by Queensland Rail to provide a report on the new Tilt Train, Robyn and husband Paul set out on an adventure that included wineries, alpacas, a tree top walk on a swinging bridge, geckos, wildlife, turtle feeding and a sunset flight over Fraser Island. Published: January 2002

Bali or bust!

by Greg Taylor

Got the travel bug? Greg recounts his trip to Bali as he rediscovers the thrill of travelling - something he has been deliberating in his mind since he became a quadriplegic 18 years ago. His story starts with the plane trip from Cairns to Bali, and recounts his holiday experiences … the adventures, friendships, and challenges. Published: October 2001

Curtain fig boardwalk - A new view of an old feature

by Greg Taylor

An elevated boardwalk around the famous Queensland Curtain fig tree at Yungaburra, now provides barrier free wheelchair access, as well as preventing damage to the rare Mabi forest. Published: October 2001

The road ahead - Access in the tropics

by Robyn Gobert

Travel with the author on a self-drive tour of tropical Far North Queensland. Highlights include the solar-powered disability chair lift into Road Cave, tethered hang gliding at Flying Leap, and snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef (from a powered chair lift on-board the Quicksilver pontoon. Robyn's husband, tourism photographer Paul Gobert, has also taken lots of great photographs to accompany this article. You will want to start packing your bags straight away! Published: September 2001

All Abilities Trek to Mt Everest Base Camp

by Tom McCurdy

"I have to admit, when Tom Whitaker told a large gathering of us HOGs about his third expedition to Everest he was planning and invited us along, I seriously doubted his assessment of the means and possibility of us, and especially me, completing the trip. It sounded really difficult and coming from someone who could still walk, though with a prosthesis, I questioned his judgement … You see, we were planning on getting 5 people with disabilities, three of us in wheelchairs, into Mt. Everest Base Camp." Published: April 2000

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