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October 2001

Curtain fig boardwalk - Atherton Tablelands

By Andrew Millerd,
Operations Manager Atherton.

Recent visitors to the famous Tablelands landmark, the Curtain Fig Tree at Yungaburra, will have noticed the construction of a new viewing platform.

A close up view of the Curtin Fig Tree from the new platform.

Sneak preview

The project is anticipated to be finalised for use in December.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service construction crews will be finishing the new boardwalk and removing the old platform to allow for visitors to use the new structure.

The "Tablelander" and Disability Access Consultant Robyn Gobert were provided a sneak preview of the new look at the tree this week and can thoroughly recommend the new view. Even if you have been to the tree recently, a return visit will be worthwhile once the platform has been opened.

The new boardwalk and viewing platform is elevated and provides a whole new perspective of the tree compared to the past. Robyn Gobert said "This project is a credit to all those who have been involved".

Boardwalk approach to Curtain Fig Tree through Mabi Forest.

A new view of an old feature

Project Manager Mr Pat McElligott said "the initial reason for the project was the concern regarding damage to the tree. The planning highlighted that an elevated boardwalk was necessary to provide for barrier free (wheelchair) access.

The end result will be the opportunity to gain a panorama of both the Curtain Fig Tree and the rare Mabi forest."

This landmark is one of the most frequently visited tourism sites on the Tablelands. The new boardwalk should continue to allow visitors to be impressed by this natural feature for many years to come.

Contact information

Andrew Millerd,
Operations Manager Atherton.
Tel:   0740911844

Robyn Gobert
Disability Advocate and Access Consultant,  Barrier-free Lifestyles.

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