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April 2005

Giannina my lover, fighter, partner, griper, writer

By Laszlo, her husband and carer

Giannina, the griper
Her nagging keeps me alive
24/7 I do attend her
She tickles my senses, all five
Not only a needy wife, But a colorful life

Giannina, my writer
Uses no words of sorrow
They love to publish her
Her stories are never hollow
A creative force in life, Beyond the normal wife

Giannina, my partner
Her, the Boards love to see
People do trust her
Much more than me
Not simply a wife, A true partner in life

Giannina, the fighter
She an I, a supportive pair
Everyone respects her
Together we, the ultimate dare
A champion of life, Proud to call her my wife

Giannina, my lover
She saved me from hell
The first time I saw her
My heart rang like a bell
Not just my wife, But the rest of my life

Footnote by Giannina

Without Laszlo I would have never made it

There are 100 million people in need of caregivers in the USA: people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and older people.

There are 44 million informal caregivers, unpaid for sure: friends, family etc.

There are 5 million formal caregivers: CNA, HHA, etc

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