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Articles Archive 1999 to 2011

Thank you to the many author's who shared their experiences, discussed innovations and raised awareness on a wide range of topics from living with a disability, accessible travel, disability arts, assistive technology, recreation and more… long before the popularity of personal blogs made this possible.

These articles were archived in 2011 (and date back to 1999). As much of the content is no longer current, they will shortly be replaced with a range of new services and resources.

Stepping into the Unknown

by Dr Jill Hanass-Hancock

The making of a film about disability and HIV in Africa, telling the story the story of four ordinary people with disability, who want to show the world that they can do anything. Published: February 2011

Keywords: disability, hiv, film, africa

Category: Personal stories

Pain Management Part I - Me, Myself and Arthritis

by Claire Hovey

Claire is a young writer who has joint disease and chronic pain. in this article she shares her feelings and techniques for managing and 'moving forward' with pain. Published: January 2011

Keywords: pain, management, arthritis, relaxation

Category: Personal stories

Monarto Zoo visit

by Robyn Perham

Robyn is an avid wheelchair traveller and accessibility champion. This article on her recent visit to the Monarto Zoo was part of an eight day holiday enroute to Adelaide, South Australia. Published: March 2010

Keywords: accessibility, tourism, zoo

Category: Access travel

Solo Travel with a Disability

by Scott Rains

Scott Rains shares his unique insights on traveling solo with a disability. Published: January 2010

Keywords: accessible, travel

Category: Access travel

Easy Access: What does "Accessible Accommodation" really mean?

by Bruce Mumford

Information for accommodation providers to assist them in understanding what accessibility means and how to assess the accessibility of their business for people with disability. Published: August 2009

Keywords: accessible, accommodation, accessibility, travel

Category: Access to the built environment

African beats: Wheelchair adventure holiday in South-West Uganda

by Lieke Scheewe

Last year Lieke, aged 21, set out from Holland to explore Uganda, an adventure she describes as "not easily accessible with the wheelchair, but definitely worth every single bump and hurdle". She shares her memorable journey, sprinkled with tips and tricks on how to make your stay in Uganda most enjoyable. Published: July 2009

Keywords: Uganda, Africa, accessibility

Category: Access travel

One handed woodwind musicians

by Megumi Kajigaya

The personal stories of a music therapy student and her mentor David Nabb, a one-handed sax player who runs a program to make adapted woodwind instruments and teach musicians with disability how to play them. Published: May 2009

Keywords: music therapy, one-handed woodwind musical instruments

Category: Disability and the arts

Dylan finds Paradise!

by Dylan Redd

Following recovery from a spinal cord injury and subsequent surgery, Dylan took up flying in the Paradise Light Sport Aircraft that has been modified with custom hand controls for pilots with spinal cord injuries. Published: March 2009

Keywords: wheelchair pilot adapted aircraft

Category: Sport and recreation

Living with Traumatic Brain Injury

by Kimberley Carnevale

"But You LOOK Fine … Uh, why are you wearing your bedroom slippers?" Traumatic Brain Injury is often invisible to the casual observer. This is a personal story about the impact of behavioural, emotional and cognitive challenges that are part of living with TBI. Published: January 2009

Keywords: Traumatic Brain Injury

Category: Personal stories

Wheelchair accessible hiking

by Chris Trzcinski

Looking for something to do this weekend? Need a change of pace? Want to recharge your batteries without breaking the bank? Then it's time for you to hit the trails! The walking or hiking trail that is. Published: February 2008

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, hiking, trails

Category: Sport and recreation

Maritime inclusive environments and practice

by Scott Rains

The Waypoint-Backstrom Principles assume the principles of Universal Design but with emphasis on maritime environments and accessibility of water craft by passengers with disability, including issues of embarkation and debarkation, intermodal transport, personal safety, and human impact on the natural environment. Published: September 2007

Keywords: Human-centered, seaworthiness, universal, design, principles, accessible, watercraft

Category: Access to the built environment

Usability review: Who designed this thing anyway?

by Scott Rains

Accessibility review of the SPOT Satellite Messenger to provide a new type of personal safety device for people with disability when travelling. Published: September 2007

Keywords: travel, safety, universal, design, accessibility, security

Category: Equipment and technology

Wheelchair basketball with 'sporting wheelies'

by Gia Vaiaso

Wheelchair Basketball is a spectacular team sport modelled on the able-bodied game of basketball. It is the fastest growing sport for athletes with a disability and has had great success at the Paralympic Games. In Australia, and internationally, there are programs catering for members who want to have fun, socialise and learn new skills as well as elite athletes who wish to play competitively. Published: August 2007

Keywords: wheelchair, basketball, disability, sports

Category: Sport and recreation

Have Wheelchair Will Travel - Part 2 England to USA

by Donna Goodacre

The continuing travel diary of an around-the-world wheelchair accessible family holiday, including New York, California and Mexico Published: August 2007

Keywords: access, travel, America, USA, Mexico, accessibility

Category: Access travel

Re-inventing the Wheel[chair]

by Aine Duffy

An innovative folding wheel that enables a full sized wheelchair wheel as well as wheelchair frame to be folded into a compact and convenient package for transportation and storage. Published: July 2007

Keywords: wheelchair, wheel

Category: Equipment and technology

Integration through playing

by Sarah Schulz

Every Friday the staff of the Disability Community Centre (DCC) in Kenya heads off to attend an Integrated Play Group. Through these outdoor groups children with disability have an opportunity to enjoy play experiences that encourage social interaction, communication, play and imagination and simply have fun and make friends. Published: July 2007

Keywords: integrated, play, therapy, inclusion

Category: Sport and recreation

Inclusion, not Exclusion

by Jeromie Ballreich

A short essay about accessibility and inclusion of students with disability within educational and campus life. Published: March 2007

Keywords: students, disability, campus, inclusion, accessibility

Category: Access to the built environment

Wheelchair adventure travel and kayaking in Glacier Bay Alaska

by Scott Rains

All travel is adventure travel when you have a disability ... dangling there over the 34 degree Fahrenheit water of Glacier Bay Alaska, I was on my way down to the tandem kayak ... over the coming five days exploring this ecosystem created by the world's fastest-retreating glacier the Hugger (hoist) was to become as familiar a freedom machine as my wheelchair. Published: June 2006

Keywords: access, cruising, Alaska, kayaking, adventure, travel

Category: Access travel

Zach's story: A young person's perspective on living with the skin condition epidermolysis bullosa

by Zach

Zach shares his experiences growing up with the skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB) and hopes that writing about his thoughts will help other young people out there with EB and inspire them to keep going when the going gets tough. Published: April 2006

Keywords: epidermolysis bullosa

Category: Personal stories

Power Chair Adventures

by James Dunworth

Mary Lavar's plans to travel from Land's End to John O' Groats in her electric wheelchair. Published: March 2006

Keywords: Wheelchair, adventure

Category: Personal stories

Custom wheelchairs: The trend from functionality to individuality

by Dr. Gene Emmer and Galina Soldatenko

An article about the history and evolution of wheelchairs from mobility and function to individuality and performance. Published: March 2006

Keywords: wheelchair, history, custom, wheelchairs, mobility, equipment

Category: Equipment and technology

Changing Paces: The business beyond chronic illness

by Trish Robichaud

Trish Robichaud, life coach, discusses her journey with chronic illness and disability from employment to unemployment and then finally to self-employment. Published: February 2006

Keywords: disability, awareness, life, coaching, self-employment

Category: Employment

Running from how God made me

by Robert Ward

Robert Ward talks with Mary May Larmoyeux about his quest for purpose in his life and acceptance of his disability. Published: February 2006

Keywords: self-improvement, motivation, goals, Purpose Driven Life, self-esteem

Category: Personal stories

Becoming a destination of choice for travelers with disability

by Scott Rains

A report written for the Prayaville School for the Disabled in Thailand resulting from observations of the Inclusive Tourism potential of Prayaville while the author was a guest of the school during October 2007. Scott Rains is a researcher and highly respected consultant on Universal Design and accessible tourism. His report identifies the steps and process involved in becoming a "destination of choice" for travellers with disability. Published: January 2006

Keywords: accessible, destinations, tourism, report

Category: Access travel

Have wheelchair will travel

by Donna Goodacre

We are a family of four. Richie, our son, has cerebral palsy which restricts his mobility. In Christmas 2006 we set of on the "trip of a lifetime" and travelled around the world for five weeks. This article (part 1 of our trip) may help other people in wheelchairs who are thinking of embarking on a trip such as ours, and would like some first-hand stories and advice. Of course the main piece of advice I can offer is "do it!" Published: January 2006

Keywords: wheelchair, travel, Singapore, England, France

Category: Access travel

Samburu Safari - Kenya

by Gordon Rattray

Gordon's motto is that "true experience begins when we break out of our routines". An avid wheelchair traveller, Kenya is his most recent trip and also included time to explore Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve and Mombasa. Published: January 2006

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, adventure, travel, Kenya, Africa

Category: Access travel

Inclusive tourism: A new strategic alliance for the disability rights movement

by Scott Rains

This article on Universal Design in accessible travel was presented at the International Conference on Accessible Tourism - ICAT 2007. Published: December 2005

Keywords: inclusive, tourism, accessible, travel

Category: Access travel

A travel trend on the horizon

by Scott Rains

In the past year, as business gave voice to the dream that travel would be barrier-free, it set in motion a trend towards universal design - a renaissance of design that benefits all travels. Published: December 2005

Keywords: universal, design, wheelchair, accessible, travel

Category: Access travel

Chair with a view

by Judith Geppert

No more looking at peoples' 'butts' and 'navels' - the solution a new highly manoeuvrable power drive elevating wheelchair. Published: December 2005

Keywords: wheelchairs, wheeled mobility, elevating wheelchair

Category: Equipment and technology

Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home

by Anthony Tusler

A collection of disability songs, singers and songwriters, including a compilation of popular disability dance songs and others for listening. The author's criteria is simple - the singer or songwriter has a disability or the song is about disability. Published: November 2005

Keywords: disability, songs

Category: Disability and the arts

Asperger's syndrome: The "invisible" autism

by Rhonda Brunett

Asperger's Syndrome is an autistic disorder that is at the high-functioning end of the spectrum. However, there is a common misconception that people with autism are so profoundly affected that they can't talk or that they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a parent's perspective, including take-away tips to help other families in seeking the correct diagnosis for their child. Published: November 2005

Keywords: autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome

Category: Disability tips

Accessible housing strategy

by Skillnet Group

There is not enough supported housing available for people with learning disabilities. Skillnet also believe that people with learning disabilities have a right to choose where they want to live and the support they need. This report proposes an accessible housing strategy, using Kent as an example. Published: November 2005

Keywords: housing, planning, support, learning, disability

Category: Accommodation and housing

Lollipop Lesson

by Kimberley Carnevale

"Even the best dreams are not immune to disaster ... It's up to us to rise from the rubble of broken dreams and create bigger and better ones from what we've learned through adversity." Published: October 2005


Category: Personal stories

A taste of travel in Tasmania

by Greg Killeen

A travel diary of the author's trip to Tasmania, including comments on disability wheelchair access to Tasmania's many accessible tourist attractions as well as accessibility of the Spirit of Tasmania cruise and web resources. Published: October 2005

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Tasmania, Australia, accessibility, Spirit of Tasmania, cruise

Category: Access travel

Look after your mental health

by Laura Gibson

People regularly talk to each other about the best way they found to lose weight or treat a cold, but very few of us actually share tips about how we stay well mentally, how we cope with stress and what keeps us feeling good. Admitting to how we feel and sharing our ways of coping is just one way of looking after your mental health. There are also other simple things that we can all do to stay mentally well. Published: October 2005

Keywords: stress, management, mental, health, World Mental Health Day

Category: Mental health

Emanuel Leplin, symphony composer and mouth painter

by Rocky Leplin

Emanuel was an award-winning 20th century symphonic composer and artist, who contracted polio during the 1954 epidemic in San Francisco. He continued to write great music and taught himself to paint again, using his mouth to control the paint brush. This article is a tribute by his son Rocky. Published: September 2005

Keywords: accessible, art, disability, artists

Category: Disability and the arts

Swimming with the dolphins

by Robyn Perham

We were soon noticed by the resident dolphin and he made us his audience as he sailed by, having a good look at us on his way past. He seemed to get excited when we waved and clapped his every movement, and came back time and again, jumping and splashing, ostensibly in an effort just to impress us. Published: August 2005

Keywords: dolphin, swim

Category: Access travel

A weekend in Walhalla

by Mal Noble

Recently after reading a Getaway segment in the Sunday Age on Walhalla's Star Hotel and it's attractions, including the fact it had a wheelchair accessible suite, my wife Lesley and I headed off for a quiet couple of days at Walhalla. Published: August 2005

Keywords: accessible, travel, Walhalla, Victoria

Category: Access travel

Ski Able water skiing tournament

by Alison Smith

The focus of Ski Able is the water skiing tournament for people with disability, including physical disabilities or vision impairment. Published: August 2005

Keywords: disability, sport, water, skiing

Category: Sport and recreation

Targa Tasmania 2007 Car Rally

by Nazim Erdem

In 2006 Naz and Alan formed the first team with disabilities to enter and compete in the Targa Tasmania, an exciting International Classic Rally Drive held annually in and around the picturesque roads and landscape of Tasmania. In 2007 they take up the challenge for a second time to show others that having a disability is not the end, "We can and do get on with our lives". Published: August 2005

Keywords: Targa, Tasmania, car, rally

Category: Sport and recreation

Sit ski weekend in the snow

by Gillean Hilton

Enthusiasm, fun and a sense of adventure are the recollections of an AQA Victoria skiing weekend, enjoyed by five first time sit skiers with recent spinal cord injuries. Published: August 2005

Keywords: disability, sport, sit ski, skiing

Category: Sport and recreation

Access All Areas: Tips from an Access Auditor

by Robin Kettle

Two short articles on Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant solutions for the built environment, including the often overlooked issue of egress (access out of the building in an emergency) and the importance of colour contrast for people with vision impairments. Published: August 2005

Keywords: access, audits, built, environment, building, accessibility, disability, discrimination, act, vision, impairments, wheelchair, accessible, egress

Category: Access to the built environment

Planning for Christmas

by Lisa Sampson

Lisa Sampson, a playwright and performer, suggests some fun ways to make the Christmas holiday season memorable and enjoyable for people with intellectual disabilities. Published: August 2005

Keywords: Christmas, planning, disability

Category: Disability and the arts

Linux accessibility for people with vision impairment

by Sean Murphy

In the early 1990s Linux, a free operating system, was introduced into the computer world. More importantly, the source code was freely available. Since its release individuals and companies have volunteered their time to develop a wide range of free software, including screen readers for people with vision impairment. Published: July 2005

Keywords: Linux, screen, readers

Category: Equipment and technology

Assessing a child for learning difficulties - Who benefits from it?

by Barbara Pheloung

Barbara Pheloung from Move to Learn looks at the assessment process and asks: Who benefits? She discusses simpler and less stressful processes, that from her experience are also more useful. Published: July 2005

Keywords: children, learning, difficulties, child, handwriting, assessment, reading, print, disability

Category: Research and innovation

Thoughts on access

by Robyn Perham

Robyn Perham is a well-known disability rights advocate. In her latest article she puts forward her plan for creating greater access in our community and calls for all Australians to help make Australia an accessible country. Published: June 2005

Keywords: disability, access, wheelchair, accessibility, disability awareness, discrimination, DDA

Category: Access to the built environment

Tree top walks

by AQA Victoria

Two access travel reports from members of AQA Victoria, who explored the Australian rainforest canopies of Victoria's Otway Fly and Tasmania's Tahune Airwalk. Published: May 2005

Keywords: Accessible, tourist, attractions

Category: Access travel

In Ethiopia with a wheelchair

by Gordon Rattray

Gordon Rattray, of Able Travel fame, tells of his travel adventures in northern Ethiopia, attempting to get to the legendary Blue Nile Falls. Published: May 2005

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, adventure, travel, Ethiopia, Blue Nile Falls

Category: Access travel

Nothing about us without us

by Gareth Wreford

Gareth Wreford, Executive Director of Arts Access Australia advocates participation in the arts for people with disabilities is an important part of broader inclusion strategies that develop employment skills and social networks. He fears that the right of the one in five Australians with a disability to participate in the nation's cultural life may be overlooked. Published: May 2005

Keywords: disability, arts, social, networks, culture, advocacy, inclusion, strategies

Category: Disability and the arts

Bringing wheelchairs into the 21st Century

by Robin Kettle

Having recently taken part in research to create accessible footpaths out of recycled chip bark and the testing of their level of usability for wheelchair users, I came to one very important conclusion ... Published: April 2005

Keywords: wheelchairs, accessibility, design

Category: Equipment and technology

Before you go: Accessible travel tips

by Bruce Mumford

It is important for anyone to get organized for a trip overseas, but when you have got a disability it's essential! Published: April 2005

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, tips,

Category: Access travel

Gwen's story

by Robyn Perham

Gwen Beaton shares her experiences following a spinal cord injury, in an interview with author Robyn Perham. Published: April 2005

Keywords: disability, awareness, spinal cord injury, wheelchair, accessibility

Category: Personal stories

Voice recognition musings

by Janine Lodato

Janine has been a voice recognition software user for several years and is a advocate for open source solutions, such as the emerging Linux-based voice recognition project, that will benefit people with disabilities. Published: March 2005

Keywords: assistive, technology, voice, recognition, software, linux, open source, disability, access

Category: Equipment and technology

Moving on

by Jenny Sanders

Transitional accommodation services offer help to people who want to make a change in their living arrangements from a situation where they have to rely on support from other people to a situation where they can rely more on themselves.Three people who have participated in Northcott's Housing Links program tell their stories. Published: February 2005

Keywords: independent, living, transitional, accommodation, accessible, housing

Category: Accommodation and housing

New and innovative treatment methods for children with speech and swallowing difficulties

by Melissa Serafin

Melissa Serafin shares the highlights from her Churchill Fellowship study tour, investigating new techniques for managing oral motor function disorders and swallowing disorders in children and adults with various disabilities. Published: February 2005

Keywords: oral, dentistry, disability, swallowing, difficulties, dysphagia, speech

Category: Research and innovation

Holidaying in Western Australia in my wheelchair

by Robyn Perham

Part two of Robyn's holiday in Western Australia, where she spends three weeks travel down to the south and back, arriving in Perth for the Red Hat parade. Published: January 2005

Keywords: wheelchair, accessibility, travel, Western Australia

Category: Access travel

Healthy, happy kids: A child at play will stay at play

by Heather Scrivner-Mediate

The positive play experiences we create during childhood allow us to participate in and enjoy the benefits of play for a lifetime. Published: January 2005

Keywords: play, environments, universal design, accessible

Category: Sport and recreation

Cruising the High Seas!

by Greg Killeen

Greg Killeen discusses wheelchair access and shares his holiday experiences cruising from Sydney to Noumea onboard the P & 0 Pacific Sky. Published: January 2005

Keywords: accessible, cruising, wheelchair, access, cruise, holiday, Australia, travel, accessibility

Category: Access travel

To Western Australia on the Indian Pacific with my wheelchair!

by Robyn Perham

Wheelchair accessible travel diary - Aussie adventures and access onboard the Indian Pacific train to Western Australia. Published: December 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessibility, Western, Australia (WA), access, travel, Indian Pacific, train

Category: Access travel

Mobility Cup: International regatta for sailors with disabilities

by Matthew Wild

An international regatta for people with disabilities will be sailing into Halifax, Nova Scotia next year. First hosted in 1991, this annual event is North America's flagship for sailors with disabilities. Published: December 2004

Keywords: disability, sailing, Mobility Cup, North America

Category: Sport and recreation

The LaughterBoss

by Dr Peter Spitzer

What if one person from each aged care facility, as well as doing their regular work, took on additional training and became the LaughterBoss of that facility? Published: December 2004

Keywords: clown, doctor, hospital, play, therapy, laughter, medicine, humour

Category: Research and innovation

Cooking single handed - How to break an egg with one hand

by Robin Kettle

Do you know how to break an egg using only one hand? If you have a weak grip or difficulty using both hands due to arthritis, stroke or injury you'll love this tip. Trust me, it works! Published: November 2004

Keywords: one handed cooking

Category: Disability tips

Beyond Appearances - Architecture and the senses

by Alan Saunders

If there is a bias in western culture towards one sense over the others then that sense is sight. And the ocular bias is nowhere more evident than in contemporary architecture, where appearances seem to mean everything. So has architecture's potential to stimulate other senses largely been ignored? Meanwhile, in a world where buildings are predominantly judged by what they look like, how does someone without sight measure whether a building is a good building or a bad one? Published: November 2004

Keywords: sensory, awareness, architectural, spaces, vision, impairment, blind, orientation

Category: Access to the built environment

Mind gym

by Janine Lodato

In this personal story, the author writes about how computer innovations have enabled her to continue exercising her mind and to be productive in spite of severe physical disability from Multiple Sclerosis. Published: October 2004

Keywords: Multiple Sclerosis, physical, disability, computer, assistive, technology, internet

Category: Equipment and technology

Wheelchair Trail Ride 2006

by Extreme Chairing

An annual wheelchair event held by Extreme Chairing in the USA. The ride spans 40 miles of forest trails and takes around 2 days to complete in a power wheelchair. Published: October 2004

Keywords: electric, power, wheelchair, sports, trail ride

Category: Sport and recreation

Taking the "dis" out of disabled!

by Kimberly Carnevale

Kimberly, founder of Canine and Abled, tells the story of her motor vehicle accident, her feelings of loss following a head injury and how she met her companion Dewey. Together they set out on a mission to abolish access denial and vowed to open hearts and doors to persons with disabilities who rely upon the assistance of service animals. Published: October 2004

Keywords: disability, awareness, service, dogs, assistance, dog, disabilities, independence

Category: Personal stories

Historic wheelchair skateboarding backflip

by Gene Emmer

Aaron Fotheringham is one of a small, but growing group of elite wheelchair athletes who have taken up the challenge of wheelchair skateboarding. He recently became the first known person ever to do a backflip in a wheelchair. Published: September 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, skateboarding, extreme, sports

Category: Sport and recreation

Technology: Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

by Judith Geppert

Judith Geppert is a regular contributor to e-Bility and a great story teller. Born in the 1950s with Cerebral Palsy, Judith talks about the freedom and possibilities assistive technology has brought her. Published: September 2004

Keywords: assistive, technology, typewriter, art

Category: Equipment and technology

Adaptable, Accessible or Adjustable?

by Jane Bringolf

Around Australia, many local councils demand that developers include a certain quota of accessible and adaptable homes within the development site. However, construction industry personnel sometimes confuse "accessible" and "adaptable", and when confronted with "adjustable" components within a home, the three "A" words become further confused. This article explains the difference. Published: August 2004

Keywords: accessible, adaptable, livable, housing, design, disability, access, universal, home, design

Category: Accommodation and housing

Reducing AT abandonment

by Marcia Scherer

Despite the key role that assistive technology can play, the rate of non-use reported highlights the complexities of the interaction between the person, the technology, the activity and the environment in which the activity is to be undertaken. This research explores best practice processes and principles for assessing and providing assistive technology. Published: August 2004

Keywords: assistive, technology, human, perspectives, user, testing

Category: Equipment and technology

Overuse injuries in manual wheelchair users

by Gene Emmer

Human hands were not designed to withstand the repetitive impact from propelling manual wheelchairs, and many researchers now strongly recommend the use of properly designed wheelchair gloves to help prevent overuse injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome. Published: July 2004

Keywords: manual, wheelchair, gloves, overuse injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome

Category: Equipment and technology

Gravity Discovery Centre

by Mark Randell

Universally accessible, including Australia's largest public wheelchair accessible telescope, this amazing new complex brings physical science and the universe alive. Published: July 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, disability, access, telescope, universe, science, gravity, cosmos centre,

Category: Access travel

Accessible tourism in Argentina

by Adriana Pereyra

Although, Argentina is not fully accessible, there are plenty of places and activities that can be visited and enjoyed without worrying about accessibility. Adriana from Latitud Sur Accesible describes three possible trips. Published: July 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Argentina, disability, skiing

Category: Access travel

Mal Wilson's motivations

by Mal Wilson

Following a heart attack ten years ago, Mal woke from surgery scarred and sore. Then one afternoon, standing in a gym in the City he watched a man workout on a running machine. All of a sudden he realised that the man was his heart surgeon, who then invited him to have a run on the treadmill. So with great trepidation he decided to give it a go. Published: July 2004

Keywords: cardiovascular, exercise, healthy, lifestyle, heart, attack, prevention

Category: Personal stories

Travelling with a disability: Europe

by Bruce Mumford

The first in a series of articles about access travel, with tips for people with a disability holidaying in Europe, including accessible accommodation, accessible toilets, getting there and getting around. Published: June 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Europe, Multiple Sclerosis

Category: Access travel

Travelling with a disability: New Zealand

by Bruce Mumford

There are many reasons why tourists with a disability should travel to New Zealand. Bruce Mumford has multiple sclerosis. He recounts his travels in New Zealand and talks about the accessibility of places he visited. Published: June 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Multiple Sclerosis, New Zealand

Category: Access travel

No Limits!

by Peter Anderson

No-Limits is an award winning Australian television show presented by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. It could be considered somewhat irreverant at times, by some. However, the regular and guest panelists have a lot of fun and it is a very informative show that raises awareness about disability issues and rights. Published: June 2004

Keywords: disability, awareness, media, television, shows

Category: Disability and the arts

Nursing students with disabilities

by Donna Maheady

In December of her junior year of nursing school, Christine was in a car accident that left her a T-four paraplegic. When she got out of the hospital she returned to her nursing school, one year later, to complete her last semester. In this article she talks about her experiences as a student nurse with disabilities and what it was like working with patients. Published: June 2004

Keywords: nursing, student, disabilities, training

Category: Employment

Stone sculpting

by Garry Curry

Garry Curry and Alistair Green are quadriplegic stone sculptors. The two have won awards for their work and have a dream to establish an arts centre for people with disabilities. They have set up the Society of Disabled Artists (SODA) and together have designed many different types of tools to allow people with disabilities to created more complex sculptures. Published: June 2004

Keywords: disability, art, scuptures, quadriplegia, adapted, tools, sculpting

Category: Disability and the arts

Overcoming your challenges

by Robert Ward

The author talks about his personal experiences finding a job as someone with a learning disability and gives suggestions for others in a similar situation. Published: May 2004

Keywords: employment, learning, disability

Category: Employment

Caregivers of the world, unite

by Janine Lodato

An article about carers and living with multiple sclerosis. Published: May 2004

Keywords: carers, MS, multiple sclerosis, caregiving, siblings

Category: Personal stories

New technological options for people with physical disabilities

by Rob Garrett

Accessing telecommunication technology has been an ongoing challenge for people with disabilities. With technology continually changing and mobile phones shrinking in size, the gap between people with disabilities and telecommunication technology has grown. Published: May 2004

Keywords: Accessibility, telecommunications, mobile, technology, disability, research

Category: Research and innovation

What my brother, Chris "The Bud" Jordan, has taught me

by Geoff Jordan

Geoff Jordan talks about growing up with his brother Chris, who has multiple disabilities. Geoff raises issues around independent living and people with disabilities, as well as topics such as choice, community, citizenship, belonging, and making a difference. Published: May 2004

Keywords: siblings, children, disability

Category: Personal stories

Search engine optimisation and accessibility

by Carmen Mardiros

Many of the W3C Web Content Accessibility guidelines, if applied correctly, can have major benefits in search engine optimisation and internet marketing. Big Mouth Media shows how search engines, through their algorithms, and search engine optimisation, have led to a growing interest in making web content more accessible. Published: May 2004

Keywords: SEO, search engine optimisation, web accessibility

Category: Web accessibility

Of wheelchairs and whale watching in Monterey Bay, California, USA

by Scott Rains

Scott Rains is a Resident Scholar at the Center for Cultural Studies, specialising in inclusive travel at the University of California in Santa Cruz, USA. His recent article on whale watching discusses accessibility onboard the cruise boat and local surrounds. While he highly recommends whale watching, he concludes it is for the faint hearted! Published: May 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, whale, watching

Category: Access travel

Daily PowerPoints for visual learners

by Cheryl Hagerty

Sharing ideas: A useful and innovative teaching tool to assist visual learners and students with learning disabilities. Published: April 2004

Keywords: teaching, visual, learners, learning, disabilities

Category: Disability tips

African safari trip

by Heather Manktelow

A poem about the 'holiday of a lifetime' on safari in Africa's Kruger National Park. The wheelchair accessible, overland camping and adventure safari in Southern Africa included people with physical disabilities. Published: April 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, African, safari, holiday

Category: Access travel

Overcoming nervousness as a person with a learning disability

by Robert Ward

"As a person with a learning disability I have a tendency to get nervous when public speaking. Even positive compliments from the audience can make me nervous, and if caught off guard, well that just makes me more nervous." However, there are some tips and tricks to overcoming nervousness, as you'll learn in this article. Published: April 2004

Keywords: learning, disability, public, speaking, nervousness

Category: Leadership

It's about Tamru Belay, not technology

by Prof Norm Coombs

Tamru Belay, director of Adaptive Technology Centre for the Blind, talks about his life and background in Ethopia and his efforts to change the lives of blind people in Ethiopia through the use of adaptive technology. Tamru's motto says it all. "I don't have sight. However, I have a vision!" Published: April 2004

Keywords: people, adaptive, technology, blindness, braille, computers

Category: Equipment and technology

Walk with a smile

by Robert Watson

Llano talks about his feelings of depression after a serious work accident that resulted in him requiring the use of a cane for mobility at the age of 30. As a result of his experiences he set out to find ways to help himself and others in a similar situation. Published: April 2004

Keywords: mobility, depression, disability, canes

Category: Personal stories

Living life with a chronic illness

by Brooke Parsons

Brooke is a young Ambassador for the National Stroke Foundation. She had a stroke at the age of 13 that left her totally paralyzed on her right side. So far, it's been 10 years of hard work, of tears and laughter to be where she is today - leading the life of an active 22 year old. She believe's "the only time you fail is when you don't give something a go at all". Published: April 2004

Keywords: adolescent, stroke, youth, services

Category: Personal stories

Epilepsy information

by Skillnet Group

An accessible 'fact sheet' about epilepsy, the causes of epilepsy and what you should do if someone has epilepsy. Published: March 2004

Keywords: epilepsy, seizures, information, causes, treatment, how to help

Category: Disability tips

Central Australia adventure

by Michele Castagna

This article, written by a local who is also a wheelchair user, offers a wealth of practical experience and contacts for people interested in exploring the heartland of Australia, including accessible accommodation, sightseeing and touring. Published: March 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Alice Springs, Central Australia, Northern Territory

Category: Access travel

Safety and epilepsy

by Helen McMahon

Accidents can happen at any time to anyone. People take risks every day, but sometimes the risks that people with epilepsy have to deal with can be different from those faced by others. This article is a starting point for considering safety and seizures, including safety tips and risk factors for smart swimming and other activities. Published: March 2004

Keywords: epilepsy, safety, tips

Category: Disability tips

Place of disability in arts, health and wellbeing

by Gareth Wreford

Developing an advocacy strategy - Gareth Wreford, Director of DADAA National Network looks at some key issues and discussions around arts, disability and health. Published: March 2004

Keywords: disability, arts, health, wellbeing

Category: Disability and the arts

Promoting resilience in your child

by Denise Allen

Parents and care givers can provide specific opportunities and activities to promote resilience in their child, that will help give them the capacity to face adversity, and even be strengthened by the traumas in life that we all inevitably face. Published: February 2004

Keywords: child, adolescent, youth, mental, health, resiliance, stress management

Category: Mental health

Thailand holiday adventure

by Judith Geppert

Judith shares her holiday experiences in Thailand, riding elephants, visiting temples, patting wild tigers, jet skiing, rafting and many more adventures. She had such a wonderful time she is already planning a return trip. Published: February 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, adventure, holiday, access, travel, Thailand, Asia

Category: Access travel

South Pole expedition

by Sue McGrath

History has been written ... Michael McGrath's quest to conquer both poles has been realised following a successful expedition to the South Pole, making him the first person with a disability in the world to achieve this feat. Published: February 2004

Keywords: South Pole, adventure, travel, pole2pole, disability, challenge, Antartica, muscular dystrophy

Category: Access travel

DDA accessibility guidelines for public amenities

by Robin Kettle

Studies in the United Kingdom have shown many accessible public toilets in hotels, shops and similar premises are not only illegal but dangerous, and could result in the company being sued. People with disabilities are being put at risk, and under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), the companies that offer such facilities are also putting themselves at risk. Published: January 2004

Keywords: Disability Discrimination Act, DDA, accessibility, guidelines, public, amenities

Category: Access to the built environment

Pacific cruise heaven on Superstar Leo

by Colin Johanson

Colin and his wife escaped on a 10 night cruise of the Pacific Islands. As a C6 quadriplegic Colin reports that it was the most relaxing holiday and he would recommend it to anyone, especially those who use a wheelchair (both manual and electric). Published: January 2004

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, cruise, holiday, cruising

Category: Access travel

Travelling with a disability

by Scott Rains

'Vacation' is a magic word. Use it in a conversation and people are likely to be momentarily spirited off to their private bit of paradise. But even Harry Potter puts in long hours of preparation to work his magic. So, what's the magic formula for conjuring up a charmed vacation? Read about the six 'knows' of travelling with a disability. Published: January 2004

Keywords: accessible, travel, tips

Category: Access travel

A literary journey - Autism NetVerse

by Dorothy Lewis-Heselwood

Each year Austism Arts celebrates the literary and artistic skills of people with autism and helps raise community awareness about autism. Dorothy Lewis-Heselwood's essay about how conferences can create opportunities was awarded 4th place in the Austism NetVerse competition. Published: December 2003

Keywords: autism, arts, literature, short stories, conferences

Category: Disability and the arts

All the way with JRA

by Ben Horgan

A personal story about living with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Ben talks about his own childhood, his career in radio, his ambitions for developing a program where 'kids help kids' to find their own solutions, recent research findings and the importance of early intervention. Published: November 2003

Keywords: juvenile, rheumatoid, artritis, information, resources

Category: Personal stories

Food and fitness

by Dianne Woods

Find out more about the balance between food and physical activitiy, and learn how the energy from the food we eat is influenced by the amount and type of food we choose. Published: October 2003

Keywords: energy, health, nutrition, food pyramid

Category: Disability tips

Shoe buttons

by Maggie Delaney

Maggie Delaney was born with an injured left arm and faced many unusual challenges at an early age.Tying her shoelaces proved to be one without an easy solution until she was introduced to Shoe Buttons. Published: October 2003

Keywords: dressing, aids, shoe buttons

Category: Disability tips

North Pole expedition - Michael's mission possible!

by Sue McGrath

You certainly can't call Michael McGrath a sedentary sort of chap! In fact, for his latest adventure that pushes the boundaries in support of people's ability, not their disability, he's gone all the way to the North Pole. Published: October 2003

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, adventure, challenge, North Pole

Category: Access travel

Wheelie defies ferris wheel

by Anite Gordon

Anita is the first Canditate to run for the Queensland Parliament who is wheelchair dependent. Her efforts to 'strike a better deal' for people with a disability have already effected positive change in her local community. She is also actively campaigning for carers rights and accommodation. So, if you live in Maroochy Shire Vote 1 Anita Gordon! Published: October 2003

Keywords: disability, politics

Category: Personal stories

I am abled

by Mary Kellis

Mary Kellis wrote this poem as a way of expressing her feelings about how others perceive her, now she uses a wheelchair Published: September 2003

Keywords: disability, arts, poetry

Category: Disability and the arts

Magical India

by Sue Willis

Last year Sue Willis and her daughter Joanna journeyed from Sydney, Australia to Kottakkal, Kerala India to experience the wonders of Ayurvedic medicine. Their trip was not without a few surprises. Published: September 2003

Keywords: accessible, travel, India

Category: Access travel

What is CIDP?

by Robyn Gobert

Chronic Inflammatory Demylonating Ployneuropathy (CIDP) is closely related to Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), both of which are due to inflammation and demyolination (stripping) of the covering of the peripheral nerves. It is a very rare condition. The symptoms people experience vary considerably and often mimic similar symptoms of other unrelated conditions. Robyn and Paul Gobert share their story and experiences with CIDP. Published: September 2003

Keywords: CIDP, Chronic Inflammatory Demylonating Ployneuropathy, GBS, Guillain-Barré syndrome

Category: Personal stories

Me, my guitar and disability art

by Robin Surgeoner

Robin Surgeoner (aka Angryfish) explains what he means and how he expresses himself through his poetry and songwriting. The most profound emotion he experienced in performing his first 'Disability Arts' gig was the 'unadulterated feeling that (he) was engaging in debate with an audience of disabled people'. His motto is: Always listen loud and enjoy! Published: August 2003

Keywords: disability, arts, music, muscians

Category: Disability and the arts

Leadership and how to get there using the path of life

by Sue Egan

Sue Egan is perceived as a leader in the disability area and has just completed her Masters in Leadership (Disability). She refects on the meaning of leadership and the qualities of leaders she looks up to. She also believes each one of us has the capacity and skills within ourselves to be a leader, provided you believe in and lead yourself first. Published: August 2003

Keywords: management, leadership, disability

Category: Leadership

Roatan dive trip - Bay Island Beach Resort

by Patrick Tonsing

Whether you are a dive enthusiast or not you will enjoy this article about the Bay Island Beach Resort in Honduras. Maybe you'll even decide to take up scuba diving yourself. Published: July 2003

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, adventure, travel, scuba, diving, disability, access

Category: Access travel

Boccia? Its FUN!

by Maree Ireland

Boccia is a modified version of the Italian lawn bowls game Bocce. The game made its debut as a medal sport in the Paralympic Games in the 1992 and its popularity has now spread worldwide, especially amongst athletes with cerebral palsy where competitions are taken very seriously. Published: July 2003

Keywords: boccia, lawn, bowls, adapted, sports, disability, Paralympic Games, cerebral palsy

Category: Sport and recreation

China bike ride in a wheelchair

by Peter Anderson

When Peter Anderson heard that the MS Society was organising a Ride Through China for cycling enthusiasts, to help raise funds for what he considered a very important cause, he thought 'why could't a wheelchair user also participate in the challenge?'. Find out more and follow the journey of three Aussie Chariot Riders who have MS. Published: July 2003

Keywords: wheelchair, bike, ride, China

Category: Access travel

A journey with Ankylosing Spondylitis

by Kingsley Forbes-Smith

Kingsley Forbes-Smith shares his personal journey with Ankylosing Spondylitis, his tips for easing the severe back pain he experienced and why now looking back (excuse the pun), he would not have it any other way. Published: June 2003

Keywords: Ankylosing Spondylitis

Category: Disability tips

Enabling the Internet for people with dyslexia

by Sandra Vassallo

Find out how to customise a computer and/or change the web browser's default settings to make it easier for people with reading difficulties to access and navigate content on the Internet. Published: May 2003

Keywords: web, accessibility, usability, dyslexia, print, disabilities

Category: Web accessibility

Making a difference - Reflections on using the Disability Discrimination Act

by Bruce Maguire

2003 marks the 10th anniversary of Australia's Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Bruce Maguire is one of a number of Australians who have used the DDA to bring about positive change for themselves and others. He offers a personal account of his experience and motivation for using the DDA. Published: April 2003

Keywords: web, accessibility, Disability Discrimination Act, DDA

Category: Web accessibility

My trip to Noosa

by Andrea Holliday

Andrea reports that her holiday to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast was a pleasant, relaxing and accessible experience. Hastings Street is a dream to get around and local attractions, such as Eumundi Markets, Underwater World, Noosa National Park, restaurants and the Noosa Cinema all cater well for wheelchair access. Published: March 2003

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, holiday, travel Queensland, Noosa, Australia

Category: Access travel

Hello and whoof!

by Peter Bennett

Did you know that dogs may be trained to fetch and carry, open and close doors, pull wheelchairs, lift immobilized limbs, and go for help? Curious? Find out more about Australian Assistance Dogs and the help they provide for people with limited mobility. Published: February 2003

Keywords: independent, living, assistance, dogs

Category: Personal stories

Web accessibility tips and tricks

by Sandra Vassallo

Accessibility and usability go hand in hand … An accessible web site is one that can be fully accessed by people with a variety of disabilities, who may also be using enabling technology. Is your web site accessible? Published: January 2003

Keywords: web, accessibility, usability

Category: Web accessibility

World study of rural health best practices

by Wendy Abbott

Wendy Abbott reports on her Churchill Fellowship project exploring the best and most cost effective ways of achieving optimal quality, evidence based outcomes, given the limited resources allocated to health care in rural Australia. Her study takes her around the world looking at rural health best practices in Canada, UK and America. Published: December 2002

Keywords: rural, health, occupational, therapy, Churchill Fellowship, study tour

Category: Research and innovation

Clown doctors!

by Dr Peter Spitzer

Dr Peter Spitzer (aka Dr Fruitloop) talks about humour, and the role of clown doctors around the world, including an interview with Patch Adams. Published: December 2002

Keywords: clown, doctors, Australia, research, study tour, Patch Adams,

Category: Research and innovation

Judith's Harbour Bridge Climb - Dreams do come true!

by Judith Geppert

This is Judith's story about her goal to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Judith has cerebral palsy, however "has never let this prevent her from enjoying life to the fullest". Published: November 2002

Keywords: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, disability, access

Category: Access travel

Accessible tram ride

by Meredith Wallace

On a cold wet Friday, two intrepid AQA members set out to road test the new low floor trams which run on route 109 (Port Melbourne to Box Hill). The Citadis 300, designed in France, is advertised as "one of the most advanced trams in the world" with a low floor, wide doors and space on board for wheelchairs.  Information about access and service, as well as superstops and lightrail section stops can be read in this report. Published: November 2002

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, transport, Melbourne, trams

Category: Access travel

Hanging in, hanging on - Sidecar motorcycle racing

by Judith Geppert

Judith loves adventure, so when the opportunity to trade her wheelchair for sidecar motorcycle racing presented itself she didn't hesitate. This article is not for the faint hearted. Judith takes you speeding around Sydney's Oran Park Raceway circuit in the ride of her life! Published: November 2002

Keywords: disability, sport, motorcycle, racing

Category: Sport and recreation

Voice recognition - A user's perspective

by Janine Lodato

Giannina discusses her experiences using voice recognition technology, the amusing moments and the frustrations she has experienced learning this new way of communicating.  This article provides information on enabling technology from a users perspective, as well as suggestions for future developments. Published: October 2002

Keywords: voice, recognition, software, user, feedback, assistive, technology

Category: Equipment and technology

Off the shelf assistive technology solutions

by Greg Killeen

Although the Eon3 was not produced or designed for people with disabilities, it is a very usable and economical piece of assistive technology. Greg has quadriplegia from a spinal injury and uses this single device to control his televisions, videos, pay TV, CD player, lights and appliances such as a radio and fan, from his wheelchair.Find out how … Published: October 2002

Keywords: assistive, technology, disability, quadriplegia, environment, controls, ECU

Category: Equipment and technology

Empowerment and freedom of expression

by Roslyn McKearney

Rosalyn's first introduction to the world of computers and the Internet happened in 1991, when her husband bought an Atari. These days she readily admits to being a 'computer junkie and has established the Cooinda Computer Club, to assist other people with a disability in benefiting from the independence and enjoyment computers offer. Published: September 2002

Keywords: web accessibility, computers, assistive technology, disability, access

Category: Equipment and technology

Louise Sauvage - My story

by Ian Heads

Born with a spinal condition that limited the function in the lower half of her body, Louise says she has never thought of herself as being different or disadvantaged. "I'm just me - the way I am". Throughout her youth if people said she couldn't do something she would be determined to do it. In telling her story, Louise reveals for the first time the battle she fought with illness and injury as she carried the expectations of an entire nation at the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics. Published: August 2002

Keywords: Louise Sauvage, Paralympian, disability, elite, sports, Paralympics

Category: Sport and recreation

Cool karma - Relaxation for children and adolescents

by Denise Allen

Children and adolescents are not immune to stress, but are wonderfully receptive to learning stress management skills and relaxation techniques. Over the past four years Denise has specialised in teaching children and adolescents relaxation and stress management and shares three different approaches to reduce stress in young people. Published: August 2002

Keywords: child, youth, stress, relaxation, occupational, therapy, mental, health, children, adolescents

Category: Mental health

Why not me? My journey with MS

by Anna Healey

"It seems strange that being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis could be a good thing, a positive thing, that Multiple Sclerosis could make someone a better person." Anna's story is a very personal and honest account of living with multiple sclerosis. She talks openly about the effect MS has on her life, and that of her family and close friends. Published: July 2002

Keywords: Multiple Sclerosis, MS

Category: Personal stories

Literacy, web accessibility and WordCue

by Rob and Toni Seiler

Designing web content to increase access for people with literacy problems is a complex issue. This article outlines some of the factors that need to be considered. It briefly describes how WordCue attempts to assist people with literacy problems use the web, while preserving their ability to enjoy the extensive variety of the web. Published: July 2002

Keywords: web, accessibility, usability, literacy, symbol, communication, print, disability

Category: Web accessibility

Southern Africa - An adventure in living

by Karen Krimberg

So, you ask me to tell you of my African adventure and why I saw everything with such new eyes? And you think I will only tell you about the lion, the giraffe, the leopard and the elephant. Yet, no other continent sings its being as well as Africa does. Nowhere else does a camp fire come so to life, or your soul fly so free. I will tell you also, that I was in a place where my crutches did not impede my being able to touch a cheetah. That I stroked him until he purred ... in that moment, I heard my own song, felt my own heart lift and laughed the laughter I left behind in childhood. Published: June 2002

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Africa, safari

Category: Access travel

Times change - A family's story about living with Epidermolysus Bullosa

by Robyn Gobert

Life was very different fifty years ago and no one knew about EB, an hereditary condition also known as Cotton Wool Baby Syndrome. Robyn talks about her own experience growing up with EB, and that of her family. Published: May 2002

Keywords: Epidermolysus Bullosa

Category: Personal stories

High flyers - People with disabilities take to the air

by Elizabeth Apps

The Polo Flat Airfield on the outskirts of Cooma NSW, was the main centre of aviation for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. Today the Airfield offers flying lessons for people with disabilities, as well as accessible holiday accommodation. Find out more about the excitement and lift (no pun intended) that flying can give you, from people who have already completed the training course. Published: April 2002

Keywords: disability, flying, school, Australia

Category: Sport and recreation

Living with Spina Bifida - A poet's story

by Robert Hensel

Born in Spain and currently living in New York, Robert is an international poet-writer and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. He was recently honored when the mayor of his home town declared a week for the disabled, "Beyond Limitations Week", in his name. Here is his story about living with Spina Bifida. Published: March 2002

Keywords: disability, arts, poetry

Category: Disability and the arts

Sailing ... Ahoy there! Look! No hands!

by Judith Geppert

You can't do that! You might hurt yourself, or even drown. Of course all boats sink. Just look at what happened to the Titanic even that sank. These were just a few of the comments that people made when Judith, who has cerebral palsy, decided to take up sailing. Instead Judith went on to participate in the National Access Dinghy Championships, at which she was awarded the silver medal presented by the Governor General. Published: March 2002

Keywords: accessible, sailing, sailability

Category: Sport and recreation

Space Camp 2001 - for students who are blind or vision impaired

by Deb Lewis

"I was excited before but now I am past excitement!" This conveys the sense of anticipation experienced by seven school students who travelled from Australia to attend a two week Space Camp in the United States, held especially for students who are blind or vision impaired. During the week students participated in many exercises including team building sessions, weightlessness and communication training. The final six-hour mission was the highlight! Published: February 2002

Keywords: space, camp, vision, impairment, students, blind

Category: Access travel

In my wheelchair and travelling across Queensland

by Robyn Gobert

Access consultant Robyn Gobert takes the reader on a wheelchair tour of Queensland - raising awareness about accessibility while enjoying the thrills of travelling. Asked by Queensland Rail to provide a report on the new Tilt Train, Robyn and husband Paul set out on an adventure that included wineries, alpacas, a tree top walk on a swinging bridge, geckos, wildlife, turtle feeding and a sunset flight over Fraser Island. Published: January 2002

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, itinary, Queensland, Australia

Category: Access travel

You should consider applying for a Churchill Fellowship

by Gail Mackenzie

A fellowship is a great opportunity to travel the world visiting other innovative and successful organisations in your field of speciality, or to attend a high profile international conference. Read about Gail's experiences as a Churchill Fellow in the area of transcultural nursing and consider giving it a go yourself in an area of study that you are also passionate about. Published: December 2001

Keywords: transcultural, nursing, Churchill, Fellowhip

Category: Personal stories

Adaptive computer training for students with cerabral palsy

by Liz Grandin

The School of Adaptive Computer Training (SACT) began classes in January 2000 with a mission to enhance the computer technical skills and marketabililty of people with special needs. SACT matches the right technology with a person's individual ability to help level the playing field in the IT market. To date the SACT team has seen an 80 percent success rate in career placements among its graduates. Published: December 2001

Keywords: assistive, technology, computer, training, disability, employment

Category: Equipment and technology

Balance the care

by Maree McEvoy

As part of celebrating Australian Carer's Week, carers share their experiences and discuss the importance of finding ways to introduce balance into their lives by spreading the load of caring and particularly by looking after themselves. It takes a positive and active approach to the often overwhelming situations which carers face everyday. Published: November 2001

Keywords: carers

Category: Disability tips

In our garden

by Alison Marshall

A horticultural therapy program for hospitalised adolescents. Published: October 2001

Keywords: horticultural, therapy, disability, gardening

Category: Sport and recreation

Curtain fig boardwalk - A new view of an old feature

by Greg Taylor

An elevated boardwalk around the famous Queensland Curtain fig tree at Yungaburra, now provides barrier free wheelchair access, as well as preventing damage to the rare Mabi forest. Published: October 2001

Keywords: wheelchair, access, national parks, Queensland

Category: Access travel

Bali or bust!

by Greg Taylor

Got the travel bug? Greg recounts his trip to Bali as he rediscovers the thrill of travelling - something he has been deliberating in his mind since he became a quadriplegic 18 years ago. His story starts with the plane trip from Cairns to Bali, and recounts his holiday experiences … the adventures, friendships, and challenges. Published: October 2001

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Bali, Indonesia

Category: Access travel

The road ahead - Access in the tropics

by Robyn Gobert

Travel with the author on a self-drive tour of tropical Far North Queensland. Highlights include the solar-powered disability chair lift into Road Cave, tethered hang gliding at Flying Leap, and snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef (from a powered chair lift on-board the Quicksilver pontoon. Robyn's husband, tourism photographer Paul Gobert, has also taken lots of great photographs to accompany this article. You will want to start packing your bags straight away! Published: September 2001

Keywords: wheelchair, accessible, travel, Far North Queensland, Australia

Category: Access travel

A right to access!

by Robyn Gobert

Robyn, disability advocate and access consultant, writes about her experiences concerning access in tropical Queensland. Published: August 2001

Keywords: disability, access

Category: Access to the built environment

Memoirs of an illiterate larrikin

by Ken Hall

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Statistics 44% of Australians suffer from some form of illiteracy? Ken Hall tells Monika McFerran what it has been like to spend his whole life unable to read and write? So, why has someone with a print disability considered tackling the awesome job of writing a book? Published: July 2001

Keywords: print, disabilities, illiteracy

Category: Personal stories

English tutoring via email

by Jan Reilly

Since her illness Jan has been working from home and recently started offering an email tutoring service for students who could not get to her home. Although it was easy to become discouraged by the difficulties of being isolated and ill, planning her new venture was engrossing will hopefully will be financially successful as well. Published: June 2001

Keywords: illness, employment, computers

Category: Employment

Moving from the bricks and mortar world to the online world

by John McKenna

As a high usage customer of the Internet John McKenna shares his experiences and explains how the Internet has changed his outlook on life, as a person with mobility restrictions. Published: June 2001

Keywords: web, accessibility, computer, access

Category: Web accessibility

The sky is the limit!

by Judith Geppert

Over the last 50 years Judith has achieved many changes in the community by making organisations and community groups aware of the abilities of people with disabilities. In 1995 just before her 44th birthday, she achieved yet another of her goals, and went tandem skydiving. This is her story. Published: May 2001

Keywords: disability, adventure, challenges, tandem, skydiving, disabilities, sport, recreation

Category: Sport and recreation

Leisure buddies - A fun and different way to make new friends

by Helen Calandro

Adults with an intellectual disability are making new friends and trying a variety of leisure activities under a new project being run by Melbourne based community organisation Gawith Villa. Launched in October 1998, the volunteer scheme is giving people the opportunity to develop real friendships and get more involved in their local community. Published: April 2001

Keywords: disability, recreation, leisure, buddies, volunteer, program

Category: Sport and recreation

Cutting edge

by Tui Mathews

Tui had a stroke seven years ago when she was 37 years old. As a mother of two young children she struggled to cope with the day-to-day running of a family, finding it difficult to do anything with one hand, especially food preparation. In an effort to make life easier for herself and others she invented the Quikkut knife. Published: March 2001

Keywords: disability, stroke

Category: Personal stories

Carrying the torch - My journey into history

by Judith Geppert

In November 1956, Judith remembers watching the evening news with her father and catching glimpses of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Torch Relay. This torch relay consisted entirely of young fit men, all of whom had to be able to run a mile in six minutes or less. But in the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays it was going to be a different story. Share the spirit of these events as Judith tells the story of her "journey into history". Published: February 2001

Keywords: Paralympic, Olympic, torch, relay

Category: Personal stories

Employers making a difference

by John Little

A unique Australian concept in developing jobs for people with disabilities. Published: January 2001

Keywords: disability, employment

Category: Employment

The Importance of assistive technology outcomes

by Marcia Scherer

Lear about ways rehabilitation professionals can partner with consumers and communities to ensure that assistive technology is put to the best possible use, and that consumers benefit by getting the most out of these devices. Marcia Scherer's forward thinking, inter-disciplinary approach, provides research based guidance and will be of interest to anyone working with or using assistive technology. Published: January 2001

Keywords: assistive, technology, research

Category: Equipment and technology

Providing steps towards independence

by Merrylands Independent Living

The goal of living a more independent life is becoming a reality for young adults with physical disabilities participating in the Merrylands Independent Living program. Two Merrylands' residents tell their stories and include a personal goals checklist for people considering living alone for the first time. Published: December 2000

Keywords: independent, living, program

Category: Accommodation and housing

Fill in the gaps

by Lisa Gibson

The Royal Blind Society recently launched a new initiative, live audio description, to "fill in the gaps" for arts lovers who are blind and vision impaired. The first audio-described-plays were performed as part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Arts Festivals. Claire attended the performance and met the cast. This is her story. Published: December 2000

Keywords: disability, arts, live, audio, transcription, blind, theatre, vision, impairment

Category: Disability and the arts

Designing learning environments for all children

by Kate Bishop

Kate designs and builds play equipment and play environments for children of all abilities. She believes two principal characteristics are essential: variety and richness. Opportunities exist in all environments to use these features to create atmosphere, provide information, entertainment, education and reward at levels, suitable for all children and all budgets. Find out how … Published: September 2000

Keywords: children, play, environments, disabilities, equipment, therapy,

Category: Sport and recreation

MultiMail accessible email software

by Janet Owens

MultiMail is a free email program for people with disabilities, that is an extension to the popular MultiWeb browser. It has been designed in close consultation with consumers by the Equity and Access Research and Development Group at Deakin University. Published: May 2000

Keywords: assistive, technology, disability, computer, access, email, software

Category: Equipment and technology

All Abilities Trek to Mt Everest Base Camp

by Tom McCurdy

"I have to admit, when Tom Whitaker told a large gathering of us HOGs about his third expedition to Everest he was planning and invited us along, I seriously doubted his assessment of the means and possibility of us, and especially me, completing the trip. It sounded really difficult and coming from someone who could still walk, though with a prosthesis, I questioned his judgement … You see, we were planning on getting 5 people with disabilities, three of us in wheelchairs, into Mt. Everest Base Camp." Published: April 2000

Keywords: disability, adventure, travel, Everest, Basecamp, trek

Category: Access travel

Assistance dogs for independence

by Cara MacKenzie

Tanya talks about her new found independence and why she considers herself "the lucky one" since Bonny, a wonderful Golden Retriever has come into her life. Published: March 2000

Keywords: assistance, dogs

Category: Personal stories

See through barriers

by Marie Laporte-Stark

Information about making conferences and events accessible to people who are blind. Published: February 2000

Keywords: accessibility, vision, impairment, conferences

Category: Access to the built environment

Meet our Paralympians: Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games

by Margaret McDonald

Our athletes are training hard in the lead up to the Paralympic Games in Sydney, where they will be competing before a home crowd. Here are a few of their stories, achievements and aspirations as they prepare for the big event. Published: January 2000

Keywords: disability, elite, sports, Paralympians, Sydney, Paralympics

Category: Sport and recreation

Creating a more accessible and equitable environment

by Penny Knudson

For a person with limited mobility, vision or hearing, the physical environment can either facilitate or limit their independence. Find out some specific issues to consider when assessing access in the built environment. Published: December 1999

Keywords: wheelchair, accessibility

Category: Access to the built environment

Delivering services and doing business online

by Kay Watts

An online presence can open an exciting new field of customer reachability, product awareness, sales and fundraising opportunities for any Australian organisation or business, including not-for-profit services. Find out how you can get a head start. Published: November 1999

Keywords: internet

Category: Equipment and technology

Enabling internet access

by Rob and Toni Seiler

A project to introduce the Internet to seniors and homebound people in remote, regional locations of Australia has grown into an Internet training access system for people with special needs. Published: October 1999

Keywords: Internet, access, web, accessibility, computer, enabling, technology

Category: Equipment and technology

2000 Olympic Games paves the way for accessibility

by Ann Gibson

Accessing public venues has often proved a difficult exercise for people with a disability. However, the NSW Government is leading the way by addressing this form of discrimination through the Olympic Games building program. Published: September 1999

Keywords: wheelchair, access, accessible, environments

Category: Access to the built environment

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