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September 2003

I am abled

By Mary Kellis aka Lanaia Lee
North Carolina.

My name is Mary Kellis. I am a 46 year old survivor from a cerebral haemorrhage I had when I was 35. I also lost 6 children due to the hypertension. I wrote this poem because I am in a wheelchair and it reflects the way I feel people see me. I'm sure other people with a disability will understand where I'm coming from.

People say you are disabled
What an awful label
But I am abled
Disabled what a terrible fable.

I travel on wheels
That's the only difference
Why do people make such a big deal?
Even on wheels I can still feel.

I'm the same person I was
My soul is the same
To this chair I am not fused
Disabled, why say that awful name?

The almighty made me
So why do you point your finger?
Disabled? I am abled as you see
You point and my heart feels as if hit by a cleaver.

People stop, point and stare
but really I don't care
Because I am abled no matter how much you glare
I try to stay fair no matter how much they dare to stare.

Lanaia Lee, 2003

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