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Mental health

Look after your mental health

by Laura Gibson

People regularly talk to each other about the best way they found to lose weight or treat a cold, but very few of us actually share tips about how we stay well mentally, how we cope with stress and what keeps us feeling good. Admitting to how we feel and sharing our ways of coping is just one way of looking after your mental health. There are also other simple things that we can all do to stay mentally well. Published: October 2005

Promoting resilience in your child

by Denise Allen

Parents and care givers can provide specific opportunities and activities to promote resilience in their child, that will help give them the capacity to face adversity, and even be strengthened by the traumas in life that we all inevitably face. Published: February 2004

Cool karma - Relaxation for children and adolescents

by Denise Allen

Children and adolescents are not immune to stress, but are wonderfully receptive to learning stress management skills and relaxation techniques. Over the past four years Denise has specialised in teaching children and adolescents relaxation and stress management and shares three different approaches to reduce stress in young people. Published: August 2002

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