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November 1999

Delivering services and doing business online

By Kay Watts,
Internet Names WorldWide (INWW).

Why do business online?

An online presence can open an exciting new field of customer reachability, product awareness, sales and fundraising opportunities for any Australian organisation / business.

Conservative predictions estimate that by the turn of the century over 50% of business transactions will take place on the Internet.  “By the year 2000, your Internet address will be the most valuable tool in your marketing”, says Mr. Clive Flory, General Manager of INWW.

Many Australian companies have transformed their businesses by getting online. Small businesses especially can now compete with larger organisations for market share and profile online because success online is not directly proportional to the advertising budget.

Getting a head start

The time to register your Internet business is now so that you can get the Internet name you want for your business before someone else takes it.

And, because business online is a relatively new area, it is important for you to familiarise yourself with Internet commerce now, rather than in a year or two when everyone else is trading there too.

What are the big benefits of being online?

The Internet provides you with a competitive advantage in the business and not-for-profit arena. Not only does it give you access to both domestic and international markets but it enables you to interact with current and potential clients, provide information and/or conduct business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Being on the Internet enables you to develop a closer relationship with your customers. Via your website, you can communicate with your customers easily and efficiently and, through e-Commerce, increase your customer service capability with online ordering, purchasing and donations. Your can also receive immediate feedback from customers about your products and services.

Other benefits include significant reductions in your marketing, sales and operational costs, as well as reinforcement of your organisation's profile and/or product branding.

What is an Internet name and why is it important?

Your Internet name is your address on the Net. It denotes where your online or virtual business is located. Registering your name is the first step towards getting your business online – it is your business name on the Net.

Your Internet name should bear a close resemblance to your organisation/business name or brand names. It is typically where ‘www’ denotes the World Wide Web, ‘yourname’ is the name of your business or brand and ‘‘ indicates that it is a business registered in Australia.

Why a or Internet name? is the official designated space for Australian businesses and the place where people are most likely to look first when searching for a business on the Net. Similarly ‘’ distinguishes an Australian organisation from like groups in other countries.

INWW General Manager Clive Flory says that having a main street Internet address such as or is the real key to having success online, providing you with a name that is easily accessible and highly visible amongst the millions of addresses circumnavigating the World Wide Web. signifies that you are a legitimate Australian business and gives you instant credibility. This is because only legal Australian commercial entities can register as a Internet name.

What Internet names are allowed?

To register an Internet name you must be a registered commercial Australian entity. The Internet name must be derived from your business or company name and in the order in which they appear.

The first part of your Internet address is unique and must be either the complete commercial name of your business or an abbreviation of the name. For example, Kookaburra nursery can be abbreviated to

Your address must also be logical and obvious so that people can find you. Generic names, such as ‘’, are not allowed and INWW allows only one domain name per commercial entity. You must also be aware of not infringing upon other people’s trademark rights in choosing a name.

How do you register?

Registering your Internet name is easy. All you need do is meet INWW requirements and decide on an Internet name for your business.

To protect your business and Internet name, it is important to register your name in all the countries you intend to trade in. As a global domain name supplier, INWW can now also help you with .com, .net and .org domain spaces. In this way you can be sure that your customers are not mis-directed to a website which bears no relation to your business.

The Internet in Australia

Australians have embraced the Internet at one of the fastest growing rates in the Western World. We use it at work and at home and are also increasingly taking to ecommerce – selling and buying products and services via the Internet.

Research conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 1998 showed that:

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About INWW

For further information please contact Internet Names World Wide on 1800 354 595 or visit our website at

Internet Names WorldWide (INWW) is the largest supplier of Internet names and related services in Australia and administrator of the Internet space. INWW offers, .com, .net and .org Internet names.

INWW, a division of multi-media and telecommunications company Melbourne IT, is taking Australian businesses into the next millennium by strategically placing them on the Internet and offering a wide range of Internet-related services. These include Internet name registration, secure electronic payment services, Internet monitoring, search engine seeding and Internet consulting.

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