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Cooking single handed - How to break an egg with one hand

by Robin Kettle
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Robin, seated in wheelchair with his dog Molly.

As a disabled person with the use of one hand only, I was shown how to break an egg when you have a weak grip or difficulty using both hands due to arthritis, stroke or injury. Trust me, it works!

  1. First, take hold of the egg so that the widest part is facing down (not the pointed end)
  2. Place the egg about 12 inches above a glass dish
  3. Drop the egg - sounds crazy but the egg shell will (9 times out of 10) break clean in half leaving the yoke completely in tact
  4. Simply remove the two halves of shell and hey presto one egg out of its shell with the yoke intact!

You might need to practice a bit, trying different heights, but after a few attempts you will get it right every time.

Remember, do not hit the edge of the dish, because if this happens the egg will break unevenly.

Once done, simply peel the shells apart.

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If you have questions or comments about this tip, Robin can be contacted via the Access All Areas web site or by email accessauditing@aol.com.

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