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August 2005

Sit ski weekend in the Snow - Falls Creek

Sit ski

Gillean Hilton
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An enormous party of 26 people converged at Howman's Gap Recreation Camp at Falls Creek in preparation for a weekend of skiing organised by AQA Victoria and supported by Maurice Blackburn Cashman Pty Ltd (MBC).

The group included 5 first time sit skiers, 1 old hat (Mike De Santo), 10 volunteer ski guides, 5 family and friends (who also acted as ski guides), and 5 others from MBC (with varying levels of skiing ability!). As done on previous weekends, 2 guides were matched with each sit skier allowing a share of the work load and smooth rides on and off the chair lifts (that's the theory anyway!).

All the first time sit skiers had only sustained their spinal cord injuries in the last 3 years. This demonstration of motivation and courage was rewarded with a fresh dump of snow on Saturday morning with beautiful weather during the day and excellent skiing conditions over the whole weekend. There were some outstanding performances from all skiers, Chris Edwards is destined for the Winter Paralympics, Kath Hoffman showed great finesse in the bi-unique ski, Rocca Salcedo graced us all with her smiles whilst speeding down the slopes, Andrew Brown was an inspiration to all (Andrew has significant vision impairment) and Ian Harrison skied so hard he fell asleep in his chair at 8pm.

In keeping with tradition there was plenty of wine, story telling and laughs. The volunteer guides once again shone through for their dedication, mighty skiing skills and sense of adventure.

Sit skiier riding the slopes       Volunteer assists first time sit skiier

AQA Victoria's mission is to enable people with severe disabilities to attain maximum independence. For more information about the ski weekends and other leisure activities contact AQA Vic by email or visit their web site at

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