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The book corner includes past book reviews and recommended reading (book lists) on different topics. The book lists were compiled by people with experience or expertise in a particular area of disability and willing to share their research and favourite books.

e-Bility is also an Amazon affiliate and receives a small return on books purchased from these book lists.

Book reviews

Making Art Special: A Curriculum for Special Education Art

by Helen Goren Shafton

Access Africa: Safaris for people with limited mobility

by Gordon Rattray

Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment

by Joan Green

Love Ella

by Madeleine Witham

Sara Webb: Disaster Area

by Liz Wilks

Making the Journey: arts and disability in Australia

by Mary Hutchison

Management guidelines developmental disability (Version 2)

by Therapeutic Guidelines Limited

From Autism to All-Star

by Rhonda Brunett

Individualized Service Plans - Empowering people with disabilities

by Paul Spice

A reason for living

by Laurent Grenier

Success stories

by Sandbox Learning

Nick's gallery

by Gill James

Building accessible homes for people with disabilities

by Bundaberg Regional Access Advisory Committee

Living in the state of stuck: How assistive technology impacts the lives of people with disabilities

by Marcia J Scherer

Participation through communication guide

by Ylana Bloom and Dolly Bhargava

Let's talk together

by Ylana Bloom and Dolly Bhargava

Sweet FA - Living with Friedreich's Ataxia

by Anne Patterson

The Poem Book - Reflections of a brain injuy survivor

by Daniel Windheim

Out of darkness - A memoir

by Zoltan Torey

A smile as big as the moon

by Mike Kersjes with Jo Layden

Siblings - Brothers and sisters of children with special needs

by Kate Strohm

The ghost behind the wheelchair

by Lila Ridings Darnell

Louise Sauvage - My story

by Louise Sauvage with Ian Heads

Why not me? My journey with MS

by Anna Healey

What next you bastard! Memoirs of an illiterate larrikin

by Ken Hall with Monika McFerran

Book lists

Universal design and accessible travel

compiled by Scott Rains, founder Rolling Rains Report

Disability, health and life matters

compiled by Judi Lipp, Librarian Northcott


compiled by Rhonda Brunett, Author of From Autism to All-Star

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