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From Autism to All-Star

From Autism to All-Star book cover with Jodon in his baseball uniform

Rhonda Brunett
Specialty Publishing Company USA 2004
ISBN: 0-9755199-1-3 pp 123.

One families journey

"From Autism to All-Star … is the long and challenging journey a family takes to ensure their son has every opportunity to fly without limits. Starting a life that would resemble most children up until age two, follow as Jordan enters his own world, the world of Autism, and reemerges to share life with those who love him and have endured with him."

Rhonda started a journal when she was expecting her first child and maintained it throughout Jordan's early childhood. It is written to Jordan and includes contributions from other significant people in his life, such as his dad, teachers, relatives and neighbours. It began as a loving way to preserve family memories, and this didn't change when Jordan was diagnosed with autism. The result was a documentary of Jordan's life as an autistic child, including pregnancy, early childhood detection and up to the functional happy boy Jordan is today. It also details the impact of autism on his family and the ways they coped with the isolation and challenges this presented.

In 2004 Jordon turned 12. Described as a "delightful, caring, joyful child" by his teacher, these days he is more settled and many of the outward signs of his autism are diminishing, even though he is still autistic. His enthusiasm for sports and his overwhelming success as a Rookie in the 2003 Little League All-Stars season, led to him receiving the game ball for most hits in the league, an experience that instilled self esteem and self confidence. He is now integrated into a mainstream classroom and continues to excel in baseball.

Rhonda's objective in publishing the journal was to share their experiences in the hope it will help support other families in a similar situation. The journal provides readers with an insight into what autism means on a personal level as well as answers to questions and is recommended to parents, families, teachers and service providers of children with autism.

From Autism to All-Star can be purchased online from the Autism to All-Star web site or Amazon.com bookstores.

May 2005


Following is a short eight-question survey asking you to share some of the knowledge that you have gained by raising a child with autism.

The Specialty Publishing Company, publisher of From Autism to All-Star, has teamed up with author Rhonda Brunett, along with Wendy Williams and Diane Gedik, to compile this survey. These three women work hard everyday spreading the knowledge that they have been given while raising their own children with autism.

Much like her book, Rhonda and her family want to see this survey raise the awareness of autism in today's society. With the answers to these questions, we hope to be able to share insight into autism, making the struggles created by this disability just a little less difficult. All responses are held in the highest confidentiality.

Download the Autism survey (MS Word 37 kb)

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