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The poem book

Daniel Windheim and edited by Marjorie Windheim

Reflections of a brain injury survivor

November 2003

"In the Summer of 1979, Daniel Windheim sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. After remaining in a coma for two and a half months, he awoke to face a whole new world ... a world filled with new feelings, frustrations; topsy-turvey experiences. He was forced to acquire skills and coping mechanisms he did not need before, and to rely on an inner strength which has carried him through his traumatic experience." From book cover

The Poem Book

Poetry in our lives

The Poem book is a compilation of poems by Daniel Windheim written over the last 20 years since his accident. They are a reflection of his feelings, frustrations, anger, happiness and philosophy on living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Feelings he had held in for a long time, but has now decided to share in the hope that it will help others in a similar situation and raise greater awareness about brain injury.

Having enjoyed poetry at high school, Daniel decided to use verse as a way to communicate his emotions, his memories and aspirations. "He talks about his post trauma world and his journey to make some sense of life as he experiences it today".

The book is a collaborative effort - poems are grouped into chapters and each category has an introduction by Marjorie Windheim, Daniel's mother. Marjorie is a social worker and her narrative gives context to Daniel's poetry and provides personal stories that accompany each section.

Daniel's poems are sensitive and honest, documenting aspects of his life. Chapter 2 "Introduction to My World" is followed by chapters on frustration, topsy-turvy, "Danian psychology", and his final thoughts on finishing the book and achieving his goal.

"Being the survivor of a head trauma has not been easy to deal with. I have used writing poetry as a positive tool and I think this has strengthened me in my resolve to live life to the fullest … it was only after I realised the large number of poems I had created that I began to think I might have something worth sharing with others - thus The Poem Book was born."

In Daniel's own words "this book is educational, entertaining, and true", it is also insightful, thought provoking and informative. Daniel has a wonderful way of expressing himself that is easy to understand and relate to.

The Poem Book is published by Golden Quill Press, a division of Barish Stern Ltd Bardonia NY. It is available for purchase online from Daniel's web site at TBI Life or from book stores.

The TBI Life web site also publishes poems from other people with a brain injury, as well as useful inks to TBI resources.

It's not all Black and White

November 2007

Book cover with photo of authors

Since publishing the "Poem Book" Dan has continued to reflect and write about his life with TBI.

"It's not all Black and White" is the sequel. A non-fiction account of recovery and rehabilitation, continuing struggles and gaps in service, achievement and vision.

In this second publication, Dan and Marjorie Windeim, discuss the misunderstandings that still exist around brain injury and offer "a survivor's view" of life.

The idea that "it's not all black and white" means that things are not all or nothing, or this or that. Things must be looked at in different ways.

Published by Author House UK It's not all Black and White is available from Amazon and TBI Life.

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