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Sandbox Learning
Customizable online books

Sandbox Learning has a collection of printable social skills books that allow you to customize the text and illustrations to look like your child or students. The profiles are created online and printed from home or school allowing for an unlimited number of profiles and printings. The child's features as well as the text can be altered to include his or her name, teachers, or other pertinent information, as well as different methods of communication.

The site has a variety of titles that relate to social and emotional situations, such as Feeling Angry, Meeting People, Sharing, and My Day at School. The story Going Places focuses on safety skills for going into the community.

The ability to change the text and illustrations is fun for the kids and helps them focus on the topic at hand. Ideas for language skill development are also included with each book.

I have found these books to be helpful for my son with autism. It has been a lot of fun for him to see himself being so successful in different things and he likes that his teacher's name and other information is added. The site is: www.sandbox-learning.com

Annie (parent)

Postscript March 2005: New registrants receive a free ebook on 'Waiting'.

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