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Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment

Joan L. Green M.A. CCC-SLP
Innovative Speech Therapy
ISBN: 13: 978-0-9786942-5-8

The Clinician's Guide

This highly acclaimed practical guide will help professionals, volunteers, communication partners and families feel more confident about using technology as a communication tool for people with speech, language, learning and cognitive disability.

Technology for Communication has been extensively researched by the author, who is an experienced speech pathologist and founder of Innovative Speech Therapy in the USA. The guide presents a broad overview of the many and varied ways technology can be used as part of a multidisciplinary approach to improve the communication skills of people who have difficulty speaking, understanding, reading, writing, thinking, learning and remembering. Strategies, rationale, tips and resources are provided, including links to free software available online.

Written primarily for use in a clinical setting with therapy goals in mind, the guide uses technology as the tool to facilitate verbal expression, auditory comprehension, reading comprehension, written expression, cognition and memory tasks. Multimedia, text based and picture (symbol) software as well as communication devices are explained in the context of each therapy goal e.g predictive software to improve spelling, graphic organises for arranging written narratives, email using recorded voice for long distance communication or drill-and-practice software to faciltate writing skills are a few of the many resources listed.

Computer setup considerations are also covered, including internet access, networking, customisation (cursors, contrast, font size, accessibility options) and hardware selection (monitors, keyboards, mouse alternatives).

If you are working with clients with communication and cognitive disability and looking for assistance or ideas on using computers and the internet as part of a communication program then this guide is a useful resource and a great place to get started.

More information about the book, sample chapters, the Table of Contents, testimonials and helpful online tools can be found at Innovative Treatment Technology Solutions. A description of the author's treatment approach and professional training programs is described at Innovative Speech Therapy and she would value any feedback. Further online training materials and protocols are being developed.


Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment is published and distributed by Innovative Speech Therapy and can be purchased from the ITTS Guides Store.

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