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The e-Bility.com web site is provided for general information purposes only. Information is published in good faith, and e-Bility IDEAS Inc cannot be held liable in any way for consequences arising from it. By provision of the service, e-Bility does not offer professional or other advice, and expressly disclaims any liability arising from the use of this service.

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Some pages on e-Bility include sponsored links by Google and Amazon that we hope will be useful and that assist us in maintaining these services. We have very little control over the selection and wording of advertising links displayed. However, if you notice sites advertised that you consider unsuitable please let us know the website address and we can filter these in future.

Any linkages to external sites from e-Bility.com should not be taken as endorsement by e-Bility, and views or content provided by these external websites do not necessarily reflect the opinions or recommendations of e-Bility IDEAS Inc. We cannot be responsible for the accuracy or quality of content on external sites and it is up to the user to make their own decision in this regard.

e-bility IDEAS Inc is not affiliated with any of the third party organisations or companies featured on e-Bility.com and does not in any way endorse, guarantee or represent the products or services advertised and/or offered by them. Furthermore, e-bility IDEAS Inc assumes no responsibility or legal liability in connection with these providers, or for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information.

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