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Ascent Footwear IIFit Shoes in Mismatched Sizes

Ascent Footwear has a range of shoes called IIFit that assists The Athlete's Foot in providing the perfect fit to their customers. The IIFit range of shoes can be sold as a traditional pair (size 7 left & size 7 right), mismatched pair (size 7 left & size 8 right) or as an individual shoe (left or right). Selling shoes as an individual size left and right rather than a traditional pair helps achieve a customised fit without the customer having to pay for a custom made shoe nor the wait as the shoes are in store.

Shoes in the Ascent footwear IIFit range that fit different sized feet

Postal address:
PO Box 91
Virginia, QLD 4014

Phone: (07) 3265 5660

Fax: (07) 3265 5668

Email: info@ascentfootwear.com.au

Web: www.ascentfootwear.com.au

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