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Arts and disability

Access Art
Sharing visual arts inspiration through workshops and events.
Accessible Arts
The peak arts organisation in NSW promoting creative expression and participation in arts and cultural activities by people with disability.
A New Kind of Listening
Documentary about an experimental theater group that includes people who are non-speaking. The film is both an advocacy call for the right to self-expression and a celebration of the power of inclusive arts to build community.
Art as a Healing Force
Focus is on making art to heal, on the power of the creative process of art as a healing force, uniting body, mind, and spirit.
Arts Access
A Victorian not-for-profit independent arts organisation creating opportunities for all people to participate in the arts.
Arts Access Aotearoa
Arts Access Aotearoa (New Zealand) works with organisations in the social service sector, and communities of people with limited access to the arts, to assist them in undertaking arts projects, developing their own independent arts activities and developing partnerships with funding organisations and art groups.
Chicken Shed Theatre
Chicken Shed is a UK organisation whose mission is to produce excellent, original and creative theatre demonstrating that the performing arts belong to everyone.
Creativity Explored
A visual art center and gallery in San Francisco for artists with disability.
Drummer Stix
Andrew Hewitt is a professional drummer. Born with cerebral palsy, his motto is "you can do anything if you put your mind to it". He started playing drums at the age of 10, has played with several rock bands and regularly perfoms live in hotels around Sydney.
Fill in the Gaps
Live audio description for art lovers who are vision impaired.
Heart'n Soul
A dynamic arts organisation offering creative opportunities to people with learning disability, including "Art from the Heart", contemporary music, theatre and club culture.
Johnno Crescendo
This site is about disability arts, disability culture and disability politics expressed through music, poetry and humour.
Keys to the Studio
A music program for people with disability.
National Arts and Disability Center
Promotes the full inclusion of audiences and artists with disability into all facets of the arts community (based at the University of California).
OHMI Trust
One handed musical instruments.
One Switch Music Creativity
Musical creation and appreciation with switches.
Orpheus Centre
Accessible residential performing arts centre in the UK.
Our Good Art
CafePress sell a number of products using collaborative and individual art produced by artists with disability as expressions of themselves and their world.
Playback Theatre at Shands Hospital
Playback is improvisational theater that honors a personal story. The actors listen to the teller's tale, and then "play back" what they hear as the essence of the story. Their enactment may be realistic or symbolic.
Restless Dance Company
Based in Adelaide, Restless Dance combines the skills of up to 20 people with and without a disability, creating dance theatre for performances in theatres, schools, the community and interstate.
Salubrious Productions
A Brisbane-based entertainment and production agency specialising in representing professional artists with a disability.
Shape Arts
Based in England, Shape provides opportunities and support for artists and cultural organisations to build a more inclusive and representative cultural sector.
Special Music
This program began at the Chicago Park District in 1989 and allows people with disability the opportunity to compose, record and perform their own music.
Sprout Film Festival
An annual spring festival held in New York that showcases films and videos by, for and about people with disability.
Stop Gap
A contemporary dance company consisting of dancers with and without disability.
A talent agency in the UK representing professional models, actors and presenters with disability to the television, film and advertising industries.

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