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Assistive technology

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA)
Seniors Computer Clubs are helping to meet the needs of seniors who want to know more about computers. Each club has a number of members who act as tutors or trainers. Members can learn at their own pace and be taught by people of a similar age.
Camera Mouse
A free program that enables the user to control the mouse pointer on a computer screen using head movement.
Computer Bank
Refurbish donated computers for reuse by people on low incomes, students and community groups.
Enabling Software
A collection of links to affordable software programs (freeware and shareware) designed for the web, such as text readers, magnification programs, literacy tools, voice dictionaries, on-screen keyboards, switch access and a variety of other useful applications to assist people with disabilities.
Equip KIDS International
A non-profilt organisation (based in Canada) dedicated to production and distribution of assistive technology in developing nations.
Infoxchange Green PC
Provides affordable computers to individuals and families on a low income Australia wide. Also offers Internet services at affordable rates. Same services available to community and not for profit organisations.
A hands free mouse that uses face movements to direct the mouse cursor position on the screen. The PCBility Mouse uses a web camera to track the user's head movements, translating those movements into cursor movements on the computer screen.
Offers a comprehensive range of assistive technology hardware and software designed for people who are blind or have a vision impairment.
Rehab Tool
Supply augmentative and alternative communication devices, computer access equipment, multilingual speech synthesis, voice recognition software, on-screen keyboards, and cognitive rehabilitation tools adapted to the needs of people with disability.
Sell a range of inclusive learning technologies.
A low cost, hands free, precision, full function mouth operated mouse.

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