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Chat and web conferencing

aChat is an open source access standards compliant Web-based synchronous communication tool. Features include an audio message chime, keyboard navigation option, message display and sorting preferences.
Acropolis Chat
An HTML chat room that is part of the Acropolis online learning environment designed to create opportunities for student with disabilities. You need to be registered for a course before you can use the chat room.
Brain Injury Chat
An international web-based peer support group set up to provide people who are living with brain injury a safe place to meet and share information. Participating is free, chat room rules and community standards apply. Source: BIA NSW 2009 E-Bulletin 8 - 2 October 2009
Developed by EASI, Chatterbox provides an audio and text chat environment, with options for formatting font and background colours. Chat participants use a microphone for conversing with others in the room.
Real-time, multi-point VoIP Voice Conferencing software.
Free VOIP software that allows one-to-one as well as group conferencing using a microphone. Features also include file sharing and chat text messages
Ventrilo is a scalable Voice over IP (VoIP) communications system available for Windows OS. Its used by several disability chat room, such as The Accessible Friends Network
HTML Chat, including an open chat forum and student lounge. These chat rooms require browser support for frames and JavaScript and work best with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher and Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. It currently does not work with AOL's built-in browser or WebTV.

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