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Games and puzzles

Accessible Games Website
A selection of computer games designed specifically for people who are blind or with vision impairment.
Alter Aeon
An on-line gaming environment where people from around the globe can get together and interact in a huge virtual world. The game interface has been modified to support accessibility for people with vision impairment.
Audio Games
A community portal for audio games based on sound.
Blind Gamers
This part of the Spoonbill Software website is devoted to games for people with vision impairment.
GMA Games
Games designed to be fully accessible to people who are blind.
Interactive Fun Puzzels
Web based stick and math puzzles that you can directly manipulate on the web page.
Nano Games
A selection of flexible, accessible computer games suitable for any age, including keyboard, mouse, single switch and alternative access support.
One Switch
Shop and information on single switch accessible games.
PCS Games
Lists accessible games developers.
Mirrow Games Portem is a 3 dimensional city, in which the player can move around freely with just one switch. Besides walking around through the vivid city, there are also many minigames to discover.
Project Possibility
A nonprofit organisation dedicated to creating accessible open source gaming software.
R J Cooper
A selection of free single switch arcade type games.
Special Bites
Free online and downloadable inclusive educational switch games.
Webcam Game
Educational and rehabilitative games that take advantage of the webcam to maximise accessibility. All software is free of charge and may be distributed freely.

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