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Accessible Games Website
A selection of computer games designed specifically for people who are blind or with vision impairment.  Games on this site are compatible with JAWS For Windows (JFW) version 3.3 or higher and Window-Eyes version 3.1 or higher. Registered copies can be downloaded from the web site or ordered on CD ROM.
Alter Aeon
An on-line gaming environment where people from around the globe can get together and interact in a huge virtual world. The game interface has been modified to support accessibility for people with vision impairment.
Assistive Gaming
Assistive Gaming provides information on how people with disability can enjoy the latest and greatest games. It's all about how you can play and make accessible games that were not made with accessibility in mind.
Audible Games
Choice of 50 audible crossword puzzles of varying difficulty.
Audio Games
News, reviews, articles and links to games that consist only of sound.
Bavisoft Audio Games
Games software for people who are blind.
Blind Gamers Suduko
BG Sudoku is the accessible version of the popular Suduko logic puzzle. The Blind Gamers Series also includes a variety of other accessible games and puzzles, such as solitaire, Yahtzee, Cribbage.
A selection of free single switch games for download.
Switch accessible games on the BBC website
A selection of switch and special needs games on the CBeebies website.
Computer games for everyone by 7-128 Software
Games that will entertain you with stories, puzzles and word challenges that are fun for every casual game player. Many are playable by people who are blind, deaf or use assistive technology to access the computer.
DanZ Games
Fun, accessible computer games for Windows, including free games and retail arcade style games designed for people with vision impairment.
ESP Softworks
Play it by ear! Innovately fun games for people who are blind.
Game Commander
Voice control for games and simulations. Version 3 has some nice additions as it takes advantage of mouse gestures, so people with some hand function can use voice and trackpad commands to trigger quicker responses - speed is everything in the online gaming!
GMA Games
Games designed to be fully accessible to people who are blind. GMA concentrates its efforts on developing sophisticated Windows-based games that are technically advanced, interesting and fun. Titles include Lone Wolf, Trek 2000 and Shades of Doom.
IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group
By collaborating with the rest of the game development community IGDA intends to develop methods of making games universally accessible to all. The Game Accessibility SIG hosts an accessibility email list and web forum for discussion on topics related to the development and design of accessible games.
Interactive Fun Puzzels
Web based stick and math puzzles that you can directly manipulate on the web page.
International Games Developers Association
The IGDA have a game accessibility special interest group that work with game developers to develop methods of making all game genres accessible.
Level Games
These simple games are easy to play and are designed to be widely accessible for players who have Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Injury, Head Injury or other physical disabilities. They can be played as single switch games, speech recognition games and expanded keyboard games (Intellikeys, Unicorn Keyboard, Concept Keyboard, Mini Keyboards).
One Switch - Single switch gaming
Lots of information on single switch accessible games, how to adapt controllers, accessible games and more, including pages on the campaign for greater accessibility in games and ways to get into accessible gaming.
PCS Games
Lists accessible games developers.
Mirrow Games Portem is a 3d city, in which the player can move around freely with just one switch. Besides walking around through the vivid city, there are also many minigames to discover.
Project Possibility Games
A selection of open source games software designed to be accessible, including video games such as Orb and Orbit that require only a binary input to play, and a growing collection of AxsJAX scripts that will inject accessibility features into websites which did not previously exist e.g. Web Sudoku.
R J Cooper
A selection of free single switch arcade games. These games are simple, old-style, Space Invaders type games. The switch (mouseclick) fires a projectile and also reverses left-to-right direction of your ship/hose, that moves along the bottom of the screen.
Special Bites
Free switch games and early mouse activities for Windows.
Tap to Talk
Gaming software that turns a handheld Nintendo DSi or DS Lite into an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.
Webcam Game
Educational and rehabilitative games that take advantage of the webcam to maximise accessibility. All software is free of charge and may be distributed freely.
An online game developer dedicated to creating games that can be played by people with low vision, as well as sighted family and friends.

Games switches

PlayStation's first one-handed controller offers three different user-selectable button configurations. The ASCII Grip can be customised using programmable selections that memorize combinations, letting the player pull off difficult moves easily. Ergonomic design and soft rubber backing for extra comfort.
Glove Controller
Developed for the PlayStation game console, the Glove lets users move objects up, down, right, left or diagonally on the game screen without the need to aim. Arcade-style buttons are located at the finger tips, allowing consumers easy access and one-handed control. It is made from plastic, neoprene and velcro (suitable for right hand use only).

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