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Able Management
Provide assistance in alpine sporting and recreational opportunities to people with disability through development of adapted alpine equipment, buddy volunteers and techniques such as voice commands for people with vision impairment.
Access to Recreation
Innovative equipment for a wide range of recreational activities, including beach access, travel, golf, gardening, water sports and more.
Achievable Concepts
Adapted recreation and sporting equipment for people with disability and limited mobility.
Disabled Wintersport Australia
DWA assists people with disability to participate in winter sports.
Riding for the Disabled
RDA provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, stimulating, therapeutic, horse riding and related activities in Australia.
An organisation facilitating sailing for everyone, regardless of age or ability.
Special Olympics Australia
Volunteers who provide sports opportunities for people with an intellectual disability.
Tai Chi for Arthritis
A Tai Chi program designed and adapted by Dr Paul Lam for people with arthritis.

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