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Seating and positioning

Aquila Airpulse Cushion
Automatic, alternating, pressure relief cushion that allows the person with disability to customise the inflation and the cycling action of the pad to follow a prescribed pressure care program.
Bambach Saddle Seat
Forward tilt seat designed to relieve back pain.
GTK Rehab
GTK Rehab are agents for a comprehensive range of Australian made and imported wheelchair, seating and positioning products, including Rollerchair wheelchairs, Invacare, Roho, Jay, Pin Dot, Mobility Plus, R82.
Hills Therapy Services
Hills Therapy Services is located in Sydney NSW, and offers assessment, therapy and advice in seating and positioning for people with a range of disabilities.
A small design and manufacturing company that makes products for children with disabilities, including seating systems, rocking horses, computer tables and other positioning equipment.
Rehab Central
Information on seating & mobility, including assessment, forms and funding letters.
Rehabilitation Designs Custom Mobility & Seating
Provide custom manual and power wheelchairs, seating, positioning, pressure relief items, adaptive equipment, standers, for kids and adults with disability.

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