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DisABILITY Accessibility Information Resources

April 2006
Number 38

What's new on

Brochure stand

SPEVI web site launch

South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI) is the peak body for the education of people with a vision impairment within the South Pacific region. Their web site is being developed as a resource for anyone interested in vision impairment or who has a friend or relative with vision impairment.

Australian Braille Authority (ABA)

The Australian Braille Authority oversees the development and maintenance of Braille codes and specifications used in Australia. In May 2005, they adopted Unified English Braille (UEB) for use throughout Australia and have recently begun the transition to UEB. Updated resources for these initiatives and other activities are now available.

Disability classifieds

Buy and Sell

Second hand equipment, including mobility scooters, seating, beds, ramps and personal care items. Some items have been reduced to sell quickly.

Access living

Listing of accessible properties for sale on the real estate market.

Free listing of single shoes

Shoes Without A Partner (SWAP Shoes) is an Australian resource for people requiring single shoes or shoes for different sized feet. We have received many requests but still have only a few shoes listed, so if you have a spare (new) shoe you can't wear, or a pair of new shoes you purchased but for some reason were not suitable please let us know. All sizes are welcome, including children's shoes.


It's about Tamru Belay, not technology

Tamru Belay, director of Adaptive Technology Centre for the Blind, talks about his life and background in Ethiopia and his efforts to change the lives of blind people in Ethiopia through the use of adaptive technology. Tamru's motto says it all. "I don't have sight. However, I have a vision!"

Overcoming nervousness as a person with a learning disability

"As a person with a learning disability I have a tendency to get nervous when public speaking. Even positive compliments from the audience can make me nervous, and if caught off guard, well that just makes me more nervous." However, there are some tips and tricks to overcoming nervousness, as you'll learn in this article.

African safari trip

A poem about the 'holiday of a lifetime' on safari in Africa's Kruger National Park. The wheelchair accessible, overland camping and adventure safari in Southern Africa included people with physical disabilities.

Daily PowerPoints for visual learners

Sharing ideas: A useful and innovative teaching tool to assist visual learners and students with learning disabilities.

Epilepsy information

An accessible 'fact sheet' about epilepsy, the causes of epilepsy and what you should do if someone has epilepsy.

Custom wheelchairs: The trend from functionality to individuality

An article about the history and evolution of wheelchairs from mobility and function to individuality and performance.

Disability news

The Unique Programme

The main aim of this project is to educate young people in disability, equality and diversity. Through a series of fun activities, the Unique Programme shows young people that disability is just another part of people's character that makes them unique. It provides the opportunity for young people to learn and understand more about different types of disabilities in a positive way and to reduce negative stereotypes that may exist. The programme is now available as a free downloadable resource for use by groups, clubs and organisations.

Motivational speakers

Mark Eccleston

An accomplished wheelchair athlete and paralympian, Mark Eccleston is also an articulate and passionate motivational speaker. His story is moving, inspiring and humorous, as he talks about his determination to deal with trauma at such a young age and what it took to be the best in the world.

Jason Watson

In 1986 Jason Watson had a brain tumor removed. His motto "seize the day" is now the focus of his motivational speeches, where he inspires others not to dwell in the past but appreciate the present. Jason has a view on life which has been honed to a razor-edge on the mean streets of reality and then dipped in a vat of concentrated humor. He strongly believes that life is a gift and he wants to bring that message to you.

What's new on the WWW?

Disability information


A one stop site for information on disability and a meeting place for people interested in disability issues. EnableNet is also the place where you can find information about South Australian disability related organisations and the services they offer.

National Youth Week online forum

The Minister for Disability Services, John Della Bosca encourages young people with a disability to participate in an online forum dedicated to issues affecting young people with a disability, from 21 March - 30 April. Young people can share their thoughts on important matters impacting their lives. Ideas, opinions and views expressed in this forum will inform the Director-General of the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care about important issues.

Assistive technology

Springdoo voice emails

Springdoo is a free service that lets you talk your emails. Its fast, easy, safe, has no file downloads or software - its for everyone and its free.

Virtual magnifying glass

A free, open source, screen magnification tool that is simple, customisable, and easy-to-use. Suitable for Windows and Linux computers.

EASI Podcasts

You will meet interesting people and learn about fascinating technology when you subscribe to EASI's newest podcast series, "It's About People and Not Technology".

Vision impairment

'Wayfinding' training DVD for councils

Last year a series of educational symposiums were held around Australia which aimed to demystify blindness and encourage enabling design for people who are blind or vision impaired. This valuable information is now available as a DVD training resource.

Low Vision Online

Low Vision Online is designed for people who know or work with someone with low vision. It was not designed for low vision specialists but those who in their every day life or work need to know more about low vision.


Read Regular

A new font type specifically designed by and for people with dyslexia. Each letter in Read Regular is uniquely shaped so that none can be inverted or mirrored to produce another.

Sign Swap

A 'sign image bank' that includes signs for over 4000 words. These are categorised and indexed with keywords and usage divided by state. There is also a sign tool bar that is useful for anyone working with Deaf people.

Deaf culture

Is deafness a disadvantage or a different way of being? Members of the Deaf community and medical doctors discuss the notion of a distinct 'Deaf culture' on ABC's Late Night Live. This program was originally broadcast in 1993 and won a Human Rights Award. It is now available as a podcast and transcript

Disability arts and literature

Disability Writes

A web site where writers and would-be writers with disability can get support and feedback, specific to them from people who recognise the barriers faced by people with disabilities. Visitors to the site will also be able to read the completed works on publication.

Libraries Australia

An innovative new service that enables anyone with an Internet connection to select from more than 40 million items held in over 800 libraries across the nation. Many online resources such as digitised images and full text government publications can also be accessed immediately online.

Disability arts and cultural consultation

Accessible Arts will undertake a consultation process with the arts and disability sectors in NSW to develop a NSW Cultural Action Plan for People with a Disability.

Government and political initiatives

Connecting with seniors

This project showcases council initiatives that respond to the diversity of older Australians in the development or delivery of policies and programs. It is an initiative of ALGA's local government ageing action plan, which aims to build the capacity of local government to respond to ageing communities. To submit a case study, contact Alley Peck, Assistant Director, Health and Ageing Policy by email or phone 02 6122 9421.

Funding boost for disability access and inclusion plans

Projects to improve access to community services and facilities for people with disabilities in Australia may be eligible for financial assistance, with $350,000 of State grant funding now available.

People Power

A new political movement aiming to empower Australian citizens is seeking expressions of interest from NSW people from all walks of life who wish to stand as candidates in the New South Wales state election scheduled for 24 March, 2007. People Power will assist with funding and training. Their aim is to is to put disability, mental health and carer issues at the top of the political agenda.