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DisABILITY Accessibility Information Resources

February 2008
Number 46

What's new on

Brochure stand

Queensland Braille Writers Association

QBWA Inc is a voluntary association producing Braille and Moon books for children and adults, school and university students. Their new website is the place to find out more about the services and resources available to people with vision impairment in Australia, as well as the latest Braille and Moon library catalogues.

FSF Operation Adaption Guide

"Operation Adaption: A parent to parent guide for you and your child with additional needs" is FSF's newest publication where parents of children with disability share information, ideas, personal experiences and tips about home, school, transport, funding, respite, services, leisure and other life activities. This guide has been produced without copyright as a gift from FSF to all families with children with special needs, their service providers and schools. It is free to use, however please make sure to credit Families Supporting Families so they can develop the guide further in the future.

Update on copyright amendments

The Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities has played a major leadership role in attaining changes to the Copyright Act. New provisions in the Copyright Amendment Bill 2006 pave the way for individuals and organisations to make copies of protected documents for people with print disability, as long as there is no accessible copy available. An update of the changes is available on the Round Table website.

Shoes Without A Partner (SWAP)

A selection of new Italian leather shoes in a range of single shoes sizes have recently been listed on SWAP.

Gathering and Applying Evidence in Computer Access Services

Assistive technology (AT) practitioners need effective methods of demonstrating the rationale behind their decisions and the outcomes of those decisions. This article presents the concept of evidence-based practice and software tools that can help AT teams gather useful information about the best choice of input devices and display settings that best meet a person's computer skills.

Disability classifieds

Second hand equipment for sale

Various items of equipment, including a couple of wheelchair carriers for cars, wheelchairs, beds and children's equipment have been listed in this area since the last news update.

Second hand accessible vehicles for sale

There has been a steady turnover of vehicle sales and listings in this area and if you are wanting to buy or sell a wheelchair accessible vehicle this page is worth watching.

Disability news

Mobile phone emergency call button

With a single SOS panic button, (MySpot software) can call up to 20 pre-configured phones, send email, SMS, instant and twitter messages with the current or last location of the user.

Airline passenger restrictions sough by Rex

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has received an application from Regional express airlines (Rex) requesting exemption from the DDA for some passengers with disability …

Review of PADP - findings released

The review of PADP conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers has been released. A key recommendation is that all PADP functions be transferred from the current arrangements under 23 Lodgement Centres across NSW to one statewide administration …

Mobility Cup 2008

An international regatta for people with significant physical disability will sail into Montreal, Canada, in 2008. The regatta is North America's flagship for sailors with disability and North America's biggest and longest-running adaptive sailing event.

World Usability Day announces 2007 healthcare focus

The focus for World Usability Day 2007 - November 8, 2007 - is healthcare. Whether it's new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval, or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; emergency disaster planning; increasing the functionality of hospitals; or everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is affected by usability in healthcare.

Access to Premises Campaign Kit

The Access to Premises Campaign Kit launched by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations provides information and tools to people with disability that will help them speak out about the lack of access to businesses and services that they face in their local communities.

Cultural Action Plan

Cultural Action Plans are currently being developed to review and develop arts and cultural opportunities for people with disability in NSW.

Have your say on mobile phones

NovitaTech is conducting a study to evaluate the usability and complexity of current mobile phones. They are particularly interested in the opinions of people over the age of 65 and people with a physical disability.


Changing Paces: The business beyond chronic illness

Trish Robichaud, life coach, discusses her journey with chronic illness and disability from employment to unemployment and then finally to self-employment.

Running from how God made me

Robert Ward talks with Mary May Larmoyeux about his quest for purpose in his life and acceptance of his disability.

Becoming a destination of choice for travelers with disability

A report written for the Prayaville School for the Disabled in Thailand resulting from observations of the Inclusive Tourism potential of Prayaville while the author was a guest of the school during October 2007. Scott Rains is a researcher and highly respected consultant on Universal Design and accessible tourism. His report identifies the steps and process involved in becoming a "destination of choice" for travellers with disability.

Have wheelchair will travel

We are a family of four. Richie, our son, has cerebral palsy which restricts his mobility. In Christmas 2006 we set of on the "trip of a lifetime" and travelled around the world for five weeks. This article (part 1 of our trip) may help other people in wheelchairs who are thinking of embarking on a trip such as ours, and would like some first-hand stories and advice. Of course the main piece of advice I can offer is "do it!"

Inclusive tourism: A new strategic alliance for the disability rights movement

The main prediction in this article, presented at the Second International Conference on Accessible Tourism (ICAT 2007) in Bangkok, was that we stand on the cusp of global standardisation in the area of Inclusive Tourism.

Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home

A collection of disability songs, singers and song writers, including a compilation of popular disability dance songs and others for listening. The author's criteria is simple - the singer or song writer has a disability or the song is about disability.

Lollipop Lesson

"Even the best dreams are not immune to disaster ... It's up to us to rise from the rubble of broken dreams and create bigger and better ones from what we've learned through adversity."

Motivational speakers

John Draper

Founder of Together We Rock!, John Draper is recognized as a presenter who inspires social change. His presentations provide a unique experience for organisations to create communities that are accessible to and inclusive of people who have a disability. John draws on his experiences as an individual with a physical disability and as an augmentative communication user to convey - with insight and humour - a message that promotes inclusion, equality and full citizenship for all. A list of all speakers is available on the speaker's index.

Book corner

It's not all Black and White

Since publishing the "Poem Book: Reflections of a brain injury survivor" Daniel Windheim has continued to reflect and write about his life with traumatic brain injury. "It's not all Black and White" is the sequel. In this second publication, Dan and Marjorie Windheim, discuss the misunderstandings that still exist around brain injury and offer "a survivor's view" of life. The idea that "it's not all black and white" means that things are not all or nothing, or this or that. Things must be looked at in different ways.

What's new on the WWW?

Australia 2020 - have your say!

The Government is calling for public submissions about how to make our country ready for the challenges of the 21st century. All Australians are invited to contribute their ideas in response to a range of topics for the summit. This may be an opportunity for proposing creative solutions in areas such as making education, workplaces and entertainment more inclusive, catering to the health needs of an aging population and providing culturally sensitive and inclusive accessible services for Indigenous Australians with disability.

IDEAS Online

The recently redeveloped IDEAS' website provides a high quality accessible web portal for people with disability and people with age related disability, their families, carers and other supporters to access and search for information that promotes their independence.

About Me

'What I'd Like You To Know About Me!' is a new online communication resource for people with Autism. It is designed to assist parents to create a book about their child, that can be used when their child interacts with others such as their teacher, baby sitter or service provider. The resource is designed primarily for families and those working with children and young people with disabilities.

No Voice, No Choice" campaign: Time to Get Equal

"No Voice, No Choice" is a campaign being run by Scope in the UK, to ensure that all those who need Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) get the equipment and support they need. The website has supporting research and literature reviews and an amazingly powerful video (worth watching).

Air Travel Companion

Air Travel Companion is a new service providing travel companions, carers and nursing staff for assisted air travel. The manager is an experienced Travel Repatriation Registered Nurse who holds qualifications in Aviation Health.

Vibe Agent

Vibe Agent is a combination social website, hotel review and hotel booking site. Scott Rains has created a group for accessible travel and is inviting others to join the group and contribute access reviews for places they have visited. You can even upload your own photos of the room and facilities.

Responsible application of Building Code of Australia

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission recently launched a collection of resources titled "The good, the bad and the ugly: Design and construction for access". The series includes a free CD, photgraphs and guidelines aimed at providing information and guidance to designers, builders, planners, certifiers, building managers and access consultants about access to buildings and services for people with disability.

Camera Mouse

The new Camera Mouse program allows you to control the mouse pointer on your computer screen just by moving your head. It is designed to help people who cannot move their hands to control a mouse but who can voluntarily move their head. To use Camera Mouse you need a USB camera (webcam) and a Windows Vista or XP computer. It software is easy to learn, easy to use and free.

Mind control headset for gamers

A BBC News article announced that gamers will soon be able to interact with the virtual world using their thoughts and emotions alone. A neuro-headset which interprets the interaction of neurons in the brain will go on sale later this year.

Simple English Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can change. The Simple English version of Wikipedia uses easier words and shorter sentences so it is simpler for people with reading difficulties or who speak English as a second language.


dotSUB is a free, social networking, video sharing website that is similar to YouTube but with a browser based caption tool enabling subtitling of videos on the web into and from any language.

Wheeling in Second Life (video)

Judith Geppert, who has cerebral palsy talks about her experiences in Second Life. Judith, who is in the video, and Simon (who built the Wheelies club in Second Life) have agreed to the video being published on YouTube so people who are interested in accessibility can see it. The video with transcripts in English and Spanish is also available on the dotSUB.