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DisABILITY Accessibility Information Resources

August / September 2009
Number 50

What's new on

Brochure stand

Braille On Manly Beach

Join in celebrations and help build a giant braille message in the sand to mark the 200th birthday of Louis Braille. Braille on Manly Beach (BOMB) is a one-of-a-kind sand sculpture taking place on West Esplanade Beach, Manly Cove Sunday 20th September 2009 from 9 am to 9 pm.

Countrywide Cottages

Located on a large property bordering the Otway Forest Park in Victoria, Countrywide Cottages now offers 4-star, pet friendly, wheelchair accessible accommodation for people with a range of care needs. The property is set among the gum trees for a truly relaxing bushland experience and caters for small and large groups.

Round Table Revised E-Text Guidelines

An updated version of the e-text guidelines is now available free to Round Table members and at a small charge to non-members. The guidelines describe basic principles for preparing accessible e-text documents which apply regardless of which file format is used as well as more detailed information on how these principles apply to text in particular file formats, such as rich text documents (e.g. MS Word).

SPEV e-News

SPEVI are now publishing an online newsletter called "SPEV e-News" with updates and links to useful resources for teaching students with vision impairment.

Spectrum Educational Consulting

This brochure has recently been updated to include the new ME'NU © Play Groups. ME'NU play groups suit children who frequently struggle in social situations or have difficulty making and keeping friends. They provide preschool and school age children (3-9 years) with opportunities to develop social and play skills in a small group setting.

Buy & Sell

If you are looking to buy or sell second hand equipment, including accessible vehicles, this is the page to bookmark. We have noticed a continued increase in activity and new listings over the last year, so well worth a look. Currently there is an 'as new' KDEE electric adjustable bed marked for quick sale at $175 (for the cost of removal) as well as many other affordably priced items.


Easy Access

Bruce Mumford tackles the question "what does accessible accommodation really mean" in an effort to raise awareness amongst accommodation providers and to assist them in understanding how to assess the accessibility of their business for people with disability.

African beats: Wheelchair adventure holiday in South-West Uganda

Last year Lieke, aged 21, set out from Holland to explore Uganda, an adventure she describes as "not easily accessible with the wheelchair, but definitely worth every single bump and hurdle". She shares her memorable journey, sprinkled with tips and tricks on how to make your stay in Uganda most enjoyable.


Mental Health Resources

Recently updated resources and information on mental health services and support networks for children and adults in Australia.

What's new on the WWW?

List of Companion Card NSW Affiliates

A current list of formally registered organisations, services and facilities in that have agreed to accept the Companion Card when produced by Cardholders (published and maintained by National Disability Services).

Using Visual Systems to Promote Communication

This free publication by Dolly Bhargava, a disability specialist speech pathologist, has been written as a practical resource booklet for parents. It discusses a variety of visual systems that can be used at home to develop a child's communication skills.

Your Local Cinema

A directory for people with vision or hearing impairments providing information about accessible cinemas. You can check session times for all of the accessible cinemas in Australia, get details about the accessible movies that are playing, link to accessible trailers (both audio described and captioned) and find out the latest in accessible cinema news.

Shut Out

A recently released Australian Government National Disability Strategy Consultation Report prepared by the National People with Disabilities and Carer Council documenting the experience of people with disability and their families in Australia.

The Deal with Disability

Diane Arbus' video blog documenting her experiences of living with cerebral palsy as well as society's views and treatment of people with disability "some funny, some infuriating". The videos are captioned indicating Diane's thoughts at the time.

Measuring Universal Designs' Effectiveness for People with Disability

A research team at USA SUNY/Buffalo's Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access is currently conducting a funded research study of universal designs effectiveness in the built environment. The online surveys offer participants the opportunity to evaluate how effective various designs are in resolving previously identified access difficulties in public buildings, on public streets and in residential environments. As of August 2009, more than 500 people with disability have participated. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate. Any questions or comments may be directed to Michael Grimble, Project Coordinator, at

Digital Inclusion Forum

The Digital Inclusion Forum has been set up by the Technology Enhanced Learning Programme at the University of Southampton to identify key inclusion-related questions and issues for research into digital inclusion issues in education.

Disability Safe

Disability Safe is a project supported by NSW DADHC to provide information on a consistent approach to reasonably practicable risk management in the disability service environment. The website is a central resource on research, training, and information covering the key areas of injury management, OH&S, systems, hazard and risk prevention.

All Iceland Tours

A European travel company offering accessible adventure tours in Iceland's wilderness, specialising in super jeeps and safari tours into the amazing nature of Iceland.

Access Africa Guide Book

A new Bradt guide book on accessible travel in Africa by wheelchair adventure traveller Gordon Rattray was launched in August. Written from personal experience and in consultation with other travellers with disability, Gordon provides information on everything from planning your trip to detailed descriptions of access in nearly 300 camps, lodges and hotels across the most visited safari countries.

EASI Podcasts are back

The previous podcast "It's about People, not technology" is being revived with 2 new podcasts by Dr Denise Wood from Australia (taken from her radio interviews focusing on Second Life). The rss feed name is changed to "Accessible Information Technology News and Interviews". The feed on Vodcasts will also be revived and offers short video clips on a wide variety of topics related to accessible information technology. You can read more, subscribe to the feeds or even play the audio online via the EASI website.

Accredited Disability & Access Training Course

This training course developed by TAFE NSW in association with Accessible Arts is designed to assist arts organisations, cultural institutions and entertainment venues improve access for people with a disability to their events and venues.