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Our appreciation is extended to all contributors who made this resources area such a vibrant, helpful, supportive and interesting community exchange at a time when the potential of the web for people with disability was only just being realised, few resources were online and websites in general were far less accessible.

A decade on, modern software is now making it possible for people to be their own publishers, social media facilitates interaction and funded disability and Government information services have extensive databases online. The web is a far more dynamic and relatively more accessible (if not fully accessible) place with a myriad of Web 2.0 resource options available.

Articles Archive

A collection of articles and stories on a wide range of topics spanning 10+ years of monthly publications from 1999 to 2011. Depending on when these were written some content may no longer be current.

Book Corner Archive

Previously published book reviews on e-Bility are still available. For more recent releases most large bookstores, Amazon and local council libraries have excellent online searchable databases that often include reader reviews. In addition, authors and publishers usually maintain their own blogs and websites.


In the early days of the Internet e-Bility's links directory provided a useful and accessible starting point for finding information about people, organisations, services, and suppliers, including sites that were not ranked highly by the search engines (making them difficult to locate). These days search engines have sophisticated algorithms and are far more accessible and effective in finding information. e-Bility's link directory remains, but is simply a few organisations in specialty fields that we have exchanged links with and that may also be of interest to others in the disability sector.


This area on e-Bility is now archived and we are no longer updating or adding new resources.

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