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Surf’s up! Here are accessible beaches across Australia to visit this summer

Beaches are a big part of Australia's identity. We have some of the most iconic locations! Councils across Australia are noticing the needs of the community during summer. Several are making it their aim to have more accessible beaches.

As of this year, there are 41 beaches with accessible pathways and 8 pending launches.

As the weather warms up, here are some of Australia's most accessible beaches to visit this summer!


Victoria led the way in making beaches accessible for people with disabilities. It is currently the only state with two 24/7 accessible beach matting facilities.

The beaches are ­Williamstown Beach and Altona Beach, located in Melbourne.

Near Melbourne's CBD, with cafés right next to the matting, these beaches are perfect for summer days. The matting extends all the way to the shoreline too!

These beaches also have accessible bathrooms, showers, and parking. There's also a Mobi-chair you can book for free to get you across the sand and into the water.

Other accessible beaches to visit in Victoria are:

All these beaches have accessible matting but are only available during patrol hours. St. Kilda offers specialised bathroom facilities that have electronic hoists for wheelchair transfer.


Queensland is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Now they have the largest number of accessible beach pathways too!

Burleigh Heads Beach is currently undergoing a trial of accessible beach standards. They have a hard beach mat that lets anyone with a wheelchair or walking frame walk across the sand and to the water.

You can also loan Mobi-Chair floating wheelchairs or Hippocampe beach wheelchairs for free.

Southport Beach and North Burleigh Heads are getting accessible facilities soon.

Other accessible beaches in Queensland are:

New South Wales

With the efforts to make New South Wales more beach accessible, anyone can now get close to the seafront!

World-famous Bondi Beach, the most popular beach in Australia, is completely accessible! wheelchair users can head down to the beach with beach mats and new wide ramps.

You can also hire beach wheelchairs for adults or kids and a Mobi-chair on weekends.

Other accessible beaches in New South Wales are:

  • Lighthouse Beach- Ballina
  • Avoca Beach- Central Coast
  • Fingal Beach
  • Toowoon Bay Beach
  • South Cronulla Beach
  • Malabar Beach

All have accessible beach matting.

South Australia

You can find loads of accessible beaches across South Australia. Seacliff and Normanville Beach both offer Mobi-chair floating, beach wheelchairs and access platforms.

Henley Beach has lots of Mobi-mat wheelchair parking on the sand and a 24/7 beach access mat to the water's edge.

Other accessible beaches in South Australia are:

  • Largs Bay
  • Semaphore beach
  • Semaphore South beach
  • Whyalla Foreshore

Western Australia

Perth is definitely a beautiful holiday destination. With summer coming, it's the best time to venture outside and enjoy the sun. Local councils have done a great job in making their beaches more accessible.

Beaches across Perth all offer accessible matting. Rockingham Beach has accessible beach matting and beach trekker wheelchairs.

Other accessible beaches in Western Australia are:

  • Geraldton Beach
  • Madora Bay Beach
  • Avalon Beach
  • Keith Holmes Reserve
  • Town Beach, Manurah
  • Poore Grove, Coogee
  • North Coogee

You can find out more about these beaches by visiting Accessible beaches in Australia.

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